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Our young adults face unprecedented stresses currently. Our young adults face pressures to engage in substance abuse, young adult sexual activities, the use of birth control, high-risk sexual behaviors, sexual orientation conflicts, and conflicts within their relationship with God. Some of our young adults have problems with our education. Some of our young adults do not know how to perform in a premarital relationship with a partner of the opposite gender and to be an undergraduate student at the same time. There is a lot of pressure that exists with a tough job market for college graduates. Students can also face huge guaranteed student loan debts following graduation that could make things even worse for them. The goal is to help them to survive these problems. That why we have to court our lawmakers and elected officials for education reform that help our students to not face desperation after graduation from high school or from college.
Raging Hormones Intimacy That Injures Partners
  1. Young adults may feel the urge and/or the need to engage in sexual activity as their sex drives begin to develop.
  2. An upsurge of hormones can cause sexual arousal in a young adult boy or in a young adult girl without any stimulus or a cause for the arousal.
  3. Young girls can panic during ovulation. They may start to have sexual fantasies about confronting young adult boys during ovulation.
  4. Unprovoked sexual arousal in young adult boys can cause them to panic and could cause them to fantasize about confronting young adult girls.
  5. A young adult boy and a young adult girl may resort to dating to seek relief from the stresses of raging hormones by attempting to engage in sexual activity regardless of the consequences that they will face from their behaviors.
  1. Consensual Rape is one or more sexual experiences between a young adult boy and a young adult girl who have known each other for less that a month.
  2. Date rape is a sexual encounter between a young adult boy and a young adult girl that happens on their first date.
  3. Under aged molestation and sexual arousal by a young adult boyfriend can very much hurt a young adult girl who has no experience with sexual activity.
  4. Under aged sexual activity that leads to an under-aged pregnancy is a sad and unacceptable tragedy for the young adult boy, the young adult girl, and the families that are involved.
  5. It is horrible when a young adult transmits a sexually transmitted disease to another young adult of the same gender or of the opposite gender.
A New Beginning With God To Date or Not To Date
  1. A young adult's relationship with God changes drastically during adolescence. God wants to negotiate with His young adults about working with a member of the opposite gender in a relationship that will bring new lives into the world.
  2. God offers the young adult the ability to understand what God wants from the young adult. God reveals a young adults destiny and God's plan for the young adult so he or she will no his or her purpose for existing in God's Universe.
  3. God is the world's most powerful matchmaker. He tries to find the perfect spouse for His young adults. He wants to introduce a possible match of a male spouse and a female spouse.
  4. God is honored when He has the opportunity to create a new human life with a husband and wife and to let them develop the human life into the various stages of human development.
  5. Our relationship with God is supposed to be more mature in young adulthood. We must consider cooperating with God as He tries to help us to resolve our issues.
  1. Family Planning Counselors should work with the young adult girl and the young adult girl's parents to determine whether the young girl is ready to begin dating as a minor.
  2. Why should the parents of young adult minors in grammar school or in high school allow their kids to start going out on dates? What is the best age to assume the responsibilities of dating? Why would a minor need to date before he or she is under the age of eighteen years old?
  3. How do a young adult boy and a young adult girl determine whether they are compatible with one another? Dating can help them to understand whether they can have a long-term relationship in the future.
  4. What are the consummation conflicts of couples that want to continue to date but are not ready to get married yet? A sexual relationship between two young adults or two adults with no intent to bring about a human life very much hurts God.
  5. Rejection is very painful. It is painful for a young adult boy or a young adult girl to face rejection. That is something that can cause severe depression in a person's life before they will try it again with someone else.
Family Planning Goals The Right Time for Intimacy
  1. Family Planning Training helps a young adult boy and a young adult girl to understand that sexual intimacy between a man and a woman is a direct connection to God. God wants to create a new human life when He sees a couple sharing loving intimacy with each other.
  2. Family Planning Counselors should have the legal right and obligation to help young adults to understand the processes of the creation of a new human life from the point of sexual intercourse to the point of childbirth.
  3. Family Planning Counselors should explain the mechanisms and procedures that are involved in an abortion to all young adult girls. Young adult girls should only be given the right to choose after she has seen two movies which would show a child birth in one and an abortion in the second movie.
  4. Family Planning Counselors want a male spouse and a female spouse to have a successful experience with God when they try to conceive a new human life.
  5. Family Planning Counselors should explain that a woman's body is "God's Factory of Human Life" which is where He creates all human life.
  1. A young girl can be so desperate to achieve a relationship with a man that she may offer the man sexual activity in exchange for the opportunity to have a possible long-term relationship with the man.
  2. The main reason that young adults date each other in high school is because they want to marry someone right after graduating from high school.
  3. The same is true in college. College students can become desperate to find a partner before graduation that could be a spouse after they graduate. Sometimes an undergraduate woman can be so desperate that she will become sexually active in order to convince an on-camps boyfriend to a long-term commitment after graduation.
  4. Some girls can be so desperate to find a man to marry that they will actually agree to sexual activity right after meeting a man at a school event.
  5. Some women feel the obligation to be sexually submissive to a young boy or to a man in order to secure a long-term with the man. What are the odds that it will work or that it will just end as exploitation?
  6. Love between a man and a woman has nothing to do with sexual activity. It has to do with caring for a partner and for your children.
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  1. We must help our students to understand that they must seek immediate psychiatric treatment if they should ever become a threat to himself or herself and/or a threat to others.
  2. We must teach our students that God wants to love them and to forgive them when they express the intent to need to hurt himself or herself and/or to hurt others.
  3. Psychiatrists must work with God and with the Holy Spirit in order to save the lives of our mentally ill students and our severely mentally ill students.
  4. We must warn students not to reject advice to receive psychiatric treatment. The alternative would be that they will eventually face incarceration in a psychiatric facility or in a prison.
  5. We need to help our students to begin to respond to their relationship with God when they start to respond to psychiatric treatment since they should no longer be a threat to anyone.
  6. We will get psychiatric treatment and help to our kids because we love them and we do not want the worst to happen to them.
  1. What does it mean when we say that we can find God through science?
  2. We can work with our scientists and religious leaders to open up a line of communication with God.
  3. We can finally understand about how God feels about the way that we are conducting our lives.
  4. We can go directly to God when we need to talk to him about our problems, concerns, and grievances.
  5. God and the Holy Spirit will find ways to help us if we have faith in them.
  6. Our Creator and Supreme Being wants all of us to be part of His Life. God wants to work with us to end our suffering once and for all.
  7. We will finally discover the true love that God has for us when we begin to find Him through Scientific Research, through Scientific Cooperation, and through new lines of communication between God and all of us.
  8. Our suffering will start to end when we will join our religious leaders and scientists in a strong effort to present Humanity to God.
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