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It Is So Important To Deal With Young Adult Issues in a Responsible Manner.  We Need to Help All of Our Young Adults to Understand How to Deal with the Challenges of Choosing a Sexual Orientation and Deciding When to Begin to Prepare for Adulthood and for Parenthood.  We Must Help Our Young Adults to Find God in Their Lives.

Raging Hormones

Intimacy That Injures Partners

  1. Young adults may feel the urge and/or the need to engage in sexual activity as their sex drives begin to develop.
  2. An upsurge of hormones can cause sexual arousal in a young adult boy or young adult girl from time to time without any stimulus to cause the arousal.
  3. Young girls can panic during ovulation. They can achieve sexual arousal and can fantasize about confronting young adult boys.
  4. Unprovoked sexual arousal in young adult boys can cause them to panic and can cause them to fantasize about confronting young adult girls.
  5. A young adult girl and a young adult boy may resort to dating to seek relief from the stress of raging hormones might do so by engaging in sexual activity regardless of the consequences that they will be facing from their behaviors.
  1. Consensual Rape is one or more sexual experiences between a young adult boy and a young adult girl that have known each other for less than one month.
  2. Date Rape is a sexual encounter that happens on the young adult boy's first date with a young adult girl.
  3. Under aged molestation and sexual arousal between a young adult boy and a young adult girl is very painful for the girl that is involved.
  4. Under aged sexual activity that leads to a teenage pregnancy is very sad and is a horrible tragedy for the young adult girl and for her family.
  5. The transmissions of sexually transmitted diseases from a young adult boy to a young adult girl is the ultimate betrayal that a young adult girl could suffer at the hands of her boyfriend.

A New Beginning With God

To Date or Not To Date

  1. A young adult's relationship with God changes drastically during adolescence.  God wants to negotiate with His young adults about bringing a new life into the world with a spouse.
  2. God offers young adults the ability to understand what He wants from the young adult.  God reveals a young adult's destiny and purpose in life to him or her.
  3. God is the ultimate matchmaker that tries to find the perfect spouse for His young adults.  God brings the young adult man and the young adult woman to meet each other.  He hopes to start a relationship at that point.
  4. God is honored when he has the opportunity to create a human life with husband and wife and to let them develop that human life into adulthood.
  5. Our relationship with God is more mature in young adulthood.  We have a better understanding of what God expects from us.  God expects us to cooperate with Him through all of our problems and issues.
  1. Family Planning Counselors should work with parents to determine whether  it is in the best interests of the young adult girl to begin dating as a minor.
  2. Why should parents of minors allow their young adults to date in grammar school and high school?  What is the best age to assume the responsibilities of dating?  Why would a minor need to engage in a heterosexual relationship before the age of eighteen years old?
  3. How do a young adult boy and a young adult girl determine whether they are compatible with each other?  Dating can give them an idea as to whether they can begin to have a long-term relationship.
  4. What are consummation conflicts with couples that want to stay together but do not want to get married yet?  It is alright to engage in sexual activity to secure the relationship without wanting a pregnancy but that kind of thing really hurts God and the relationship in the long run.
  5. Rejection is painful.  Sometimes young adult girls will reject a young adult boy before or after a date.  That is can be the cause of a deep depression.  The young adult boy would have to try again.

Family Planning Goals

The Right Time For First Intimacy

  1. Family Planning helps a young adult boy and a young adult girl to understand that sexual intimacy is a direct connection to God.  God wants to conceive a human life when a couple becomes intimate in a relationship.
  2. Family Planning Counselors should explain the exact mechanisms that are involved in the process of ovulation, arousal, intercourse, conception, and childbirth to our young adults.
  3. Family Planning Counselors should show the exact mechanisms that are used to perform an abortion.  The Family Planning Counselor should explain the consequences that follow a sex life where the contraception fails.
  4. Family Planning Counselors want a couple to have a successful experience with God in order to conceive a human life.  It is the dream to every Family Planning Counselor to see their therapy to contribute to a new human life.
  5. Family Planning Counselors should be able to explain the everything that happens inside of a woman which is "God's Factory of Human Life."  Hopefully. the pregnancy and decisions will be successful. 
  1. Sometimes a young adult girl will resort to a state of desperation to entrap a prospective love interest into a relationship by offering the man a sexual experience in exchange for a promise of a long-term relationship.
  2. The main reason why teenagers become intimate with their boyfriends is because they need to become engaged to be married right after graduating from high school.  Under aged sexual activity is the last desperate attempt to secure a husband before graduation.
  3. College young adults can play the field in dorms and in on-campus social events.  They have the impression that they have to perform sexually for their male young adult partner while they are undergraduates in order to secure their relationship after graduation.
  4. Some young adult girls that are desperate for a husband will meet a young adult boy at a party and will seduce the boy in a desperate attempt to entrap the boy into a marriage proposal.
  5. Some young adult women think that they need to be a young adult boy's sex slave in order to remain in the relationship.

You Can Read More About Our Theories which Explain Some of the Life-Threatening Stressors That Our Young Adults Face By Reading Some of Our Articles on Our Articles Page. Thank you for Visiting Our Web Page about the Stressors of Young Adulthood. We All Hope That Our Young Adults Will Emerge to become Responsible Adults.

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  • We Must Help Our Students To Understand That They Must Seek Professional Psychiatric Treatment If They Would Ever Be a Threat To Themselves Or a Threat To Others.
  • We Must Teach Our Students That God Wants To Love and To Forgive Them When They Express The Intent To Hurt Themselves and/or To Hurt Others.
  • Psychiatrists Must Work With God and With The Holy Spirit To Try To Save The Lives Of Our Severely Mentally Ill Students.
  • We Have To Teach Our Severely Mentally Ill Students About The Consequences Of Rejecting Psychiatric Counseling When They Are Advised to Respond to It.
  • We Need To Help Our Students To Find God When They Start To Respond To Psychiatric Treatment Because They Will No Longer Be a Threat To Anyone.
  • We Will Get Our Students Psychiatic Help Because We Love Our Kids and We Do Not Want the Worst To Happen To Them.
  • What Does It Mean When We Say That We Can Find God Through Science?
  • We Can Work With Our Scientists and Religious Leaders to Open a Line of Communication With God.
  • We Can Finally Come to Understand How God Feels about The Way That We Are Conducting Our Lives.
  • We Can Go Directly To God For Help and Guidance When We Talk to Him About Our Problems, Concerns, and Grievances.
  • God and The Holy Spirit Will Find Ways To Help Us If We Have Faith in Them.
  • Our Creator wants All of Us To Be Part of His Life.  We Think That God Definitely Wants To Work With All of Us To End Our Suffering Once and For All.
  • We Will Finally Discover The True Love That God Has For Us When We Find Him Through Scientific Research, through Scientific Cooperation, and Through New Lines of Communication Between Ourselves and God.
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