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Welcome To Our Technologies Page!!

Our Scientists and Engineers Can Offer to Sponsor Understandings, Achievements, and Inventions That Will Lead Us to Have a Better Life for Ourselves and for Our Descendents.  Science Can Always Lead Us To a Higher Level of Understand about How Guide Creates and Develops Human Life.  We Need to Turn to Science in Order to Find the God That Loves All of Us in Our Lives.

Technology #1

Technology #2

The Levitation Pods

The Particle Replicator

  • Levitation Pods will be mechanisms that would be powered by Clean Energy Generators.
  • Levitation Pods can allow a neutron density, a proton density, or an electron density to stay suspended above the ground of a planet without needing to use any fuel fluids.
  • We can control the surface altitude of the Levitation Pods either by wireless remote control or by a wire that that would connect the levitation pod to a central control unit.
  • A Levitation Pod could make it much easier to lift heavy object off of the ground and to keep them suspended at a constant surface altitude because it would be powered by a clean energy generator.
  • A Levitation Pod could be the main component of a lifeboat for our astronauts if they should ever have to abort a mission in a modern spaceship.  Levitation Pods will help their lifeboats to drift at a certain surface altitude without crashing into the ground.
  • A Particle Replicator would be a Particle Generator that could exactly create duplicates of any types of particles that we could find in our lives.
  • A Proton Particle Replicator could manufacture infinite amounts of water, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and fuels through electromagnetic interactions.
  • A Neutron Particle Replicator might take small amounts of particles of matter such as wood or plastic and could produce very large amounts of neutron particles that would have the exact chemical structure as the previous Neutron Particles.
  • An Electron Particle Replicator would help us to duplicate many types of particles of energy such as electrical particles, heat particles, or light particles.  A sample of electron particles could be converted into very huge amounts of energy particles of light or heat.

Technology #3

Technology #4

The Internal Gravitation System

The Time Dilation System

  • It would be much easier to maintain hygiene routines in a spaceship with a gravitational field that appears to be similar to the Earth’s gravitational Field.
  • It would be easier to regulate bowel movements and urinations in a much more sanitary environment.
  • An internal gravitational system would give our astronauts the ability to engage in regular exercise routines during long space flights.
  • It would be easier for our astronauts to sleep in a spaceship that would have a gravitational field that would be similar to that of the Earth.
  • It would be easier to produce food for our astronauts in an internal gravitation system that would be edible and kind to their digestive systems.
  • A Time Dilation System would cause the pulsations of the spaceship’s Proton Generators, Neutron Generators, and Electron Generators to exactly imitate the Pulsations of the Earth’s gravitational field.
  • One Minute in a spaceship can equal to 4 hours on Earth during a dangerous Time Dilation Episode. 
  • 5 hours in a Spaceship can equal 15 minutes on Earth during a Time Dilation Episode that warps time inside of a spaceship.
  • Our engineers must compensate for the fact that time disintegrates and disappears when a spaceship leaves the gravitational field of a planet.
  • We must build computers that calculate the time in a spaceship as opposed to the time on our mother Planet Earth.

Technology #5

Technology #6

The Clean Energy Generator

The Space Saucercraft

  • The Clean Energy Generator would continue to produce power through a mechanism of perpetual motion.
  • The Clean Energy Generator would exactly replicate the power that we use in electrical sockets and for electrical circuits on our planet.
  • The Clean Energy Generator can also allow us to experiment with circuits that vary away from 120 Volts and 60 Amps.  We can design circuits for here at home or in outer space that have different specifications for power usage.
  • Clean Energy Generators could collapse the cost of energy for all consumers from around the world.  A Clean Energy Generator would be a major stimulus for the world’s economy.
  • Clean Energy Generators that would be the power source of spaceships would collapse the cost of space travel.  We could build safer and more efficient spaceships that would be powered by clean energy generators.
  • The Space Saucercraft would be the fastest international spaceship vehicle to ever be built.  It would be able to travel from one point on Earth to another Point on Earth in a matter of minutes.
  • The Space Saucercraft would be powered by three clean energy generators.  These generators would give the Space Saucercraft the power travel to any point on the planet and to launch itself into outer space.
  • The Space Saucercraft could hover over any point on the surface of Earth and could stay at a constant altitude for any amount of time. 
  • The power supply of the Space Saucercraft would be ten times as powerful as even the most powerful jet engines or rocket engines of the past.
  • It will have a user-friendly and computerized navigation system for our pilots.  Our pilots will always know where they are because the computer will always keep track of all of that.
  • It would have unprecedented velocities under water in our planet’s oceans.

We Must Believe That Our Scientists and Engineers Can Design and Build a Better Tomorrow For All Of Us.  The Technologies Of The Space Age Will Help Us To Enter A New Era In Human History.  We Will No Longer Seek To Accomplish Our Goals By Hurting Ourselves and/or By Hurting Our Brothers and Sisters.  We Will Have Too Much Respect For God To Try To Injure Humanity.  We Will Build New Partnerships With God That Will Lead Us To Find A Final Peace With God and With Each Other.

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  • Our Students Must Show Respect the Legacies Of All Prophets of All Religious Faiths.
  • We Must Never Believe That God Has Created Evil In Any Of Our Brothers and Sisters.
  • We Must Help Our Brothers and Sisters of Different Religions All Over The World by Showing Them Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, and Psychiatric Medical Treatment.
  • We Must Be Willing To Forgive Our Current Brothers and Sisters For Causing Us To Have The Perception That They Hate Us and That They Want To Destroy Us.
  • We Must Work With God and With the United Nations To Forgive These Mentally Ill People So That We Can Begin To Enjoy A New Era Of Peace For God Nation of Humanity.
  • Our Students Must Forgive and Try To Continue To Hope That A Lasting Peace Between God, Ourselves, and Our Brothers and Sisters Throughout the World Is Humanly Possible.
  • We Must Work With God To Forgive Our Brothers and Sisters Throughout The World After We Have Come to The Realization That They Need Psychiatric Treatment and Love From Us In Order to Rebuild Their Lives. We Have Nothing To Gain By Continuing To Desire to Kill Them.
  • Scientists Are Committed To Making This a Better World For Us and For All of Our Brothers and Sisters.
  • Scientists Have Relationships with God That Contribute to Their Mission and Obligations to Serve Humanity and To Contribute to The Realization of a Final Dream of the Unification of Humanity.
  • Religious Leaders Teach Us How To Pray to God While Scientists Have Active Relationships with God That Contribute to Improving and Advancing the Standard of Living of Humanity.
  • We All Hope That God and the Holy Spirit Will Give Us The Guidance and Support That We Will Need To Begin To Build the Next Generation of Spaceships That Will Help Us To Explore Our Solar System.
  • We Hope That Our Scientists Will Help All of Our Kids and Young Adults to Reject a Life of Crime and of Substance Abuse.  Our Scientists Have to Work With God and With the Holy Spirit in Order To Find a Way To Accomplish this Goal.
  • We Must Show Love, Compassion, Sympathy, and Remorse as We Will Ask Our Brothers and Sisters Throughout the World To Stop Hating Each Other Our of Respect for a Greiving and Exhausted One True God.
  • We Must Try To Have Sympathy For The Pain and Suffering of God Before We Can Continue to generate excuses to kill each other.
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