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Science is Humanity's universal effort to investigate how God creates and maintains all human and non-human life in the Universe. Science is our effort to reach out to God to engage in a partnership that will produce a higher awareness of what our relationships with God can accomplish. We try to find God by utilizing scientific investigation. We try to communicate with Him and with the Holy Spirit daily for help to create new inventions and to maintain current technologies that help us to achieve a higher level of functioning over time. We discover new things about God through scientific research. God also helps us to invent powerful technologies that increase our standard of living all over the world and that give our kids a chance to live a better life than the life that we have lived.
The Psychology of Human Life The Medical Sciences
  1. Scientists try to investigate the motivations that guide all of us to behave in the manner that we behave.
  2. Scientists try to connect with God through prayer and conversation to attempt to discover the secrets of human life.
  3. Scientists try to investigate our God-Given mission to work with God and with a partner of the opposite gender to conceive and to develop all human lives.
  4. Scientists try to investigate the chemical imbalances in the brain that can cause him or her to to become a threat to himself or herself and/or a threat to others.
  5. Scientists try to find solutions to psychological and behavioral problems in children, young adults, and adults that can cause cause substance abuse and sexual abuse.
  6. God has helped us to understand to destiny and the purpose that God has given us for our lives as part of the human family.
  1. It is the goal of Medical Science to cure all illnesses and to prolong life indefinitely as far into the future as possible.
  2. Medical Science wants to promote the conception, the birth, the development of human life, and the humane treatment of all human life.
  3. Doctors follow in the legacy of the Magical Healing Powers of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ founded modern medicine because of the way that he demonstrated superior healing powers.
  4. Medical Scientists must work together with psychiatrists and other behavioral health scientists to help those of us that are a threat to ourselves and/or are threats to others because we have a mental illness or a behavioral disorder.
  5. Medical Scientists are always trying to find better ways to improve the quality of life of those who have disabilities and other permanent medical disorders.
  6. All medical scientists answer to God and to the Holy Spirit.
The Physical Sciences Behavioral Sciences
  1. Physical Scientists are responsible for investigating the basic functions, the intermediate functions, and the advanced functions of God's relationships with the Universe that are responsible for creating and maintaining nonhuman life.
  2. Engineers attempt to manipulate the functions of the Universe to create devices and technologies that will further improve our standard of living and will improve our wellbeing well into the future.
  3. Physical scientists try to determine the role of God in the functioning of the Universe and the the way that universe interacts with God to support human and nonhuman life.
  4. Physical Scientists are always developing new ways to achieve the ultimate goal of traveling to distant moons, planets, and solars systems. They try hard to develop theories of electromagnetism and gravitation on an ongoing basis in order to proceed toward achieving these goals.
  5. Medical Engineers work with God and the substances of the Universe to develop medications and medical treatments for all doctors to treat all kinds of medical illnesses. They develop both mechanisms and medications to help to treat illnesses and disabilities.
  6. Physical Scientists answer to God and to the Holy Spirit. God and and the Holy Spirit guide them toward achieving their mission to create a healthier Human Family for all of us.
  1. Behavioral Scientists are medical doctors, such as, psychiatrists and therapists, that work with patients that have behavioral disorders or psychiatric disorders.
  2. The main goal of Psychiatry is to prevent patients from injuring themselves and/or from injuring others because of their psychiatric disorder.
  3. Psychiatrists and psychotherapists work together to provide medical treatment to children, young adults, and adults that may hurt themselves and/or may hurt others without psychiatric treatment and without psychotherapy.
  4. Behavioral Scientists must work together to help those with behavioral disorders to get the medications and therapies that they will need to treat their intent to hurt themselves and/or to hurt others.
  5. Intelligent psychiatrists will encourage their patients to try to connect with God so that they can make progress in coping with their psychiatric disorder.
  6. Behavioral Scientists feel much satisfaction when their patients become an asset to society by responding to psychiatric treatment so that they can be an asset to Humanity.
  7. God is so thankful when He can have a stronger relationship with a child, a young adult, and/or an adult whee they start successfully to respond to medical treatment.
  8. Patients who have a remission from their symptoms are a joy for their loved ones such as their parents and siblings.
Educational Scientists Family Planning Scientists
  1. Educational scientists, such as teachers and Ph. D's, share their knowledge and expertise with their students. They try to help students to understand the reality behind their lectures.
  2. Educational Scientists are trained and certified to help students to succeed in their studies and endeavors. Teachers and other teaching professionals must work together to make sure that their students will succeed.
  3. Educators must work with a student's family members when there is evidence that a student is misbehaving because of they have psychiatric disorders in order to save the student's life. We must give psychiatric treatment to our students so that they will not be a threat to themselves and/or to others.
  4. Teachers must continually warn students about the dangers of using illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and/or firearms. Students have to understand the consequences of using these dangers mechanisms.
  5. Teachers are under pressure to give students good grades on a report card rather to be truthful about problems with a student's academic performance. We must find ways to be honest with our student's academic performance on report cards by ending grade curving on exams.
  6. Educators answer to God and to the Holy Spirit. God and the Holy Spirit work with educators to make our schools the best learning experience for our students.
  1. All young adults and adults should have access to family planning training and guidance. Family Planning experts should be ready to counsel any and all students that seek to become sexually as minors.
  2. Our Family Planning Scientists should be able to explain the processes of sexual intercourse, conception, pregnancy, child birth, and the development of a new human life.
  3. Our young adults should completely understand contraception and the way that different methods of contraception are supposed to prevent a pregnancy.
  4. Family Planning Scientists must convince our students to think and to think again before engaging in unprotected sexual activity, sexual activity which is unplanned and uses no birth control method.
  5. Family Planning counselors must help our young adults to understand the pain that they will be facing if their relationship with their partner ends after a series of sexual encounters that had not produced a pregnancy.
  6. Family Planning Counselors should help young adults to understand the joys of the conception and the birth of a new human life. They should also understand the consequences of unprotected sexual activity and an unplanned pregnancy.
  7. Our young adults need to understand the high-risk behaviors that will lead to an unplanned pregnancy or to the transmission of a sexually transmitted disease.
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  1. We need to help our students to understand how to cope with a tragedy either in school on in the community.
  2. Our students have to understand have to understand how to cope with grief when there has been a tragedy in their community and in their lives.
  3. Students must detect the warning signs that there is a problem with a fellow student. A student that cares will work to get his or her fellow student help if that student is ill or if he or she is a threat to himself or herself and/or a threat to others.
  4. Our students need to understand the healing powers of prayers that can relieve the grief after a tragedy in a school on in a community.
  5. We must pray to God with our students so that we can one day see the end of the suffering with which we have been experiencing.
  6. We need to develop Early Psychiatric Intervention Programs that would help to save the lives of our higher-risk students by looking to help them before it is to late.
  1. Scientists and engineers exist in partnerships with God and with the Holy Spirit. God and the Holy Spirit always work with scientists and engineers to help their research projects and their inventions to succeed.
  2. God and the Holy Spirit try to approve of every new invention and research project that our scientists and engineers will try to undertake.
  3. It would be beneficial for our scientists and engineers to continue to negotiate with a higher power such as God and the Holy Spirit so that they will continue to enjoy success in their careers.
  4. Scientists and engineers are obliged to work on projects that continue to promote the progress and the wellbeing of the entire human family.
  5. Scientific accomplishments and universal cooperation between ourselves and God will lead to a lasting peace between all of our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
  6. Scientists will eventually lead us to have happiness and peace throughout the world without the conflict and the false excuses that we have had to hurt ourselves and to hurt each other.
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