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God created Humanity for His own reasons. We all answer to God for His own reasons. God tolerates happiness, love, support, the creation of human life, and peace among all the peoples of Humanity. God does not support violence, hatred, excuses to commit murder, excuses to extend warfare against our brothers and sisters, and/or schools that give our students the impression that God will tolerate their decisions to life a life of crime and of dealing with substance abuse. We make God cry. We make God suffer. We make it hard for God to function. We ignore God when we are hurting ourselves. We ignore God when we are hurting others. Who loves God when we are at war for some justifiable reason? Why should God tolerate murder and warfare from us forever? We need to find God in our lives so that we will stop hurting him. God has to stop hurting us. We have to stop hurting each other. That is the next crucial step toward salvation that Humanity must undertake.
What is Salvation? How Do We Achieve Salvations?
  1. Human death from diseases, old age, and wrongful deaths from suicides and homicides will end.
  2. Poverty will end.
  3. Violence will end.
  4. Homelessness will end.
  5. All of us will know better than to continue to commit crimes.
  6. We will know better than to qualify for an infection of a sexually transmitted diseases.
  7. All of us will have an acceptable, humane, and satsifactory standard of living.
  8. Unemployment will eventually cease to exist.
  9. We will always show love, respect and dignity toward God.
  10. We will know better than to do things to hurt ourselves and to hurt others such as resorting to substance abuse to solve our problems.
  11. We will stop hurting God. We will show love and respect for God and for others.
  1. We show an unconditional love for God and for the Holy Spirit.
  2. We show remorse for injuring God and for injuring others.
  3. We show sorrow for committing sins and crimes.
  4. We unite with our brothers and sisters all over the world to form a strong and universal Attachment to God.
  5. We must come to understand that God is part of our everyday lives.
  6. We look to God for advice so that we can avoid efforts to offend God.
  7. We must come to the realization that we are all part of one human family.
  8. We must come to understand that God is our Supreme Being.
  9. God expects all of His sons and daughters to show love for one another.
  10. God will not tolerate hateful and cruel thoughts that provide the energy for humanity to engage in an endless cycle of justifyable murder or what we call war.
  11. God must end war on this planet and He will try to do once and for all.
Working With Our Brothers and Sisters Earning the Right To Achieve Salvation
  1. We all have someting to gain by working with each other to achieve salvation.
  2. We must share love for God and for each other in order to achieve salvation.
  3. We must reform our schools so that they will train our students to reject alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, and the use of firearms.
  4. We will no longer tolerate schools that will graduate students that will face a life of crime, substance abuse, and inacarceration.
  5. Our students must understand the consequences of engaging in violence either with a weapon or without a weapon. They must understand the penalties of incarceration that they will face if they use a weapon to commit a crime.
  6. We must understrand that God has a special existence waiting for us when we will finally qualify for salvation.
  7. God created Humanity with the hope that we would all one day achieve salvation in His Universe.
  8. We also have to understand that He loves us enough to be patient with us until we come to understand how to meet the requirements of salvation.
  1. We must show God that all of His sons and daughters love each other.
  2. We must prove that we have finally rejected violece to God and to the Holy Spirit.
  3. We must make a strong effort to not offend God with our sexual behaviors.
  4. All of the members of Humanity must reject the use of all types of substance abuse.
  5. All of us must be willing to talk to God on a daily basis.
  6. We must try to prevent marital relationship failure.
  7. We must employ special teachers that will use modern technologies that will solve the learning problems in our schools so that all of our students will find success and will find God.
  8. Our students should turn to particpate in psychiatric care when they become a threat to themselves and/or a threat to others.
  9. All adults that are a threat to themselves and/or a threat to others should be offered psychiatric care as a way to regulate their thinking and behaviors so they can avoid incarceration.
  10. We must all make a unified and conscience effort to prove to God that we are no longer threats to ourselves and/or threats to others. We must prove to God and to the Holy Spirit That we are no longer capable of making them suffer.
Salvation and God's Universe The Process of Achieving Salvation
  1. God's endless suffering would end.
  2. Humanity's endless suffering would end.
  3. Aging would end. We would no longer grow old.
  4. Marital relationship would not end. Most marriages would last for a lifetime.
  5. Humanity would be able to explore our solar system.
  6. Nations would resolve their conflicts with one another through peaceful confrontation.
  7. Humanity could build colonies on other moons and/or on other planets.
  8. Most young adults would seriously consider achieving parenthood.
  9. God will no longer have the need to punish us with sexually transmitted diseases.
  10. All pregnnacies would be met with joy instead of with sorrow.
  11. Space exploration would decrease unemployment and would challenge our scientists and engineeers to proceed to lead Humanity into a new era of fascination with God and with God's Universe.
  12. God would be honored to see His human beings in other parts of the Universe.
  1. World leaders would develop mechanisms and plans that would allow nations to resolve their conflicts through peaceful confrontation rather than through violence.
  2. Our medical community must be successful in helping people to understand that they are not allowed to hurt themselves and/or to hurt others. Patients with these problems must recieve psychiatric treatment.
  3. Our governments must end substance abuse all over the world.
  4. The armed forces of the world will no longer carry out missions to kill people.
  5. Our armed forces will carry out humanitarian missions to help to uplift the standard of living or all of our brothers and sisters all over the world.
  6. We must understand that we are all equal to one another because we were all created in the image and likeness of God.
  7. Science will lead us to show an eternal and unending love for God.
  8. God will establish a final Attachment to each and every one of us that will cause our suffering to finally end.
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Parents and guardians of young adults should be very careful when they consider giving their young adult boys and girls the authorization to begin to date each other. The probability that a young adult boyfriend and a young adult girlfriend would experiment with sexual activity increases with each passing date. The threat always exists that a young adult couple will make the decision to become sexually active. This is especially offensive if the boy and girl are students in high school. Irresponosible sexual behaviors can lead to a young adult pregnancy. There is no reason why parents should allow young adults of any age to become sexually active until they are ready to assume the responsabilities of parenthood and of functioning in a career.

We must come to understand the mechanisms of gravitation in order to be able to build the new generation of spaceships that will allow us to explore our Solar System. There are many things that we can do with a more powerful understanding of gravitaion. We can build aircraft that would use Clean Energy Generators to power Electromagnetic Propulsion Systems so that we would not need to continue to use oil-driven passenger aircraft anymore. Understanding gravitation could help our military to respond to emergencies anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes as opposed to a matter of hours. We need to develop a comprehensive theory of gravitation if we could ever develop a legitimate Theory of Everything.

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  1. Our students must show respect to the legacies of all of the Great Prophets of all of the world's religions.
  2. We must never believe that God has created evil within any of our brothers and sisters.
  3. We must help our brothers and sisters of different religions all over the world by showing them love, forgiveness, compassion, and psychiatric medical treatment.
  4. We must be willing to forgive our current brothers and sisters for giving us the perception that they hate us and that they want to destroy us.
  5. We must work with God and with the United Nations to forgive our mentally ill brothers and sisters and to find psychiatric treatment for them so that we can eventually begin to enjoy a new era of peace for God and His Nation of Humanity.
  6. Our students must try to forgive our brothers and sisters throughout the world. They must continue to pray that we can achieve a Lasting Peace between God, Ourselves, and with our brothers and sisters throughout all of Humanity.
  7. We have nothing to gain or to accomplish by killing our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. We must not program our students to believe that any type of murder during warfare is something that God tolerates and that God justifies.
  8. God will guide His universe to stop finding the justification for war and for death and destruction.
  1. Scientists are committed to making this a better world for us and for all of our brothers and sisters.
  2. Scientists have relationships with God that contribute to their mission and obligations to serve Humanity and to contribute to the realization of the final dream of the Unification of Humanity.
  3. Religious leaders teach us how to pray while scientists have active relationships with God that contribute to improving and adavancing Humanity's standard of living.
  4. We alll hope that God and the Holy Spirit will give us the guidance and support that we will need to begin to build the next generation of spaceships that will help us to explore the solar system.
  5. We hope that our scientists will help all of our kids and young adults to reject a life of crime and substance abuse. Our scientists have to work with God and with the Holy Spirit in order to accomplish this.
  6. We must show love, compassion, sympapthy, and remorse as we will as our brothers and sisters throughout the world to stop hating each other out of respect for a grieving and exhausted One True God.
  7. We must try to have sympathy for the pain and suffering of God before we can continue to generate excuses to want to kill each other.
  8. God did not create us to be killing machines that would thechnologies to kill each other.
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