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Religion introduces us to God, Our Creator.  God created us and has created all human and non-human life.  He maintains the existence of all human and non-human life.  He also loves to continuously create human and non-human life.  Religion teaches us how to recognize the Existence of God and how to begin to interact with Him so that we can eventually work with God and a spouse to bring new human lives into the world and to work with God to develop Human Life.

What were he Roles of the Great Prophets?

Humanity did not know much about God in the beginning of human existence in the beginning of Human History.  They had no idea who or what had created them.  God then recruited the prophets to begin to preach stories about God's existence to humanity.  That eventually ended idol worship, polytheism, and agnosticism. The Great Prophets all agreed that there exists One True God and only One True God.

The Greatness of Our Prophets!!

The Greatness of Moses

  1. Moses introduced the Jews and to the members of our Human Family about the Laws of God.
  2. Moses made it perfectly clear to the Jews and to all of us that there only exists One True God.
  3. Moses led God's Chosen People to the Promised Land and freed the Jews from captivity in Egypt.
  4. Moses was the first Prophet to teach Humanity that we must have to respect Our One True God. Moses taught us that we must recognize the love and the affection that God has for all of us. He not only introduced the Jews to the One True God. He introduced all of us to the One True God.
  1. Moses taught us to connect with God through prayers and to respect His Laws by asking Moses to present His Laws for us to the Jewish People and to all of us.
  2. Moses acted as a middleman that would send and receive messages from God and relay those messages to the Jews.
  3. Moses began to try to prepare the Jews for the Messiah that God was going to send to them to reward The Jews for being the first family on the Human Nation to formally recognize the existence of One and Only One True God.
  4. Moses taught all of us about the importance of respecting God as our creator and as the Living Force that keeps all of us alive and maintains us as part of His Creation and His Universe.

The Greatness of Jesus Christ

  1. The Mission of Jesus Christ was to convince the citizens of the Roman Empire to reject the false gods of Rome and Athens and to recognize the existence of the One True God of the Jews.
  2. Jesus Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit worked together to try to provide evidence that The One True God exists.  However, they challenged Roman Citizens to provide evidence that the false gods existed.  The Roman Citizens could not find that evidence.
  3. The Holy Spirit helped Jesus Christ to perform miracles that captivated his audiences.  They used these miracles to provide further evidence that Jesus was a divine presence that was connected to the One True God.
  4. Jesus taught us how to talk to God.  Most of the people that listened to Jesus' sermons did not know how to approach God.  Jesus taught them to say the "Our Father" repeatedly.  Jesus told them to say that special prayer if they did not know what taught us what to say to say to God.  Jesus encouraged the members of His audiences to pray to connect with God.
  1. The Romans and the Jews sought to execute Jesus Christ for their own motives.  Worshiping the One True God of the Jews was illegal in the days of the Roman Empire.  The Jews were offended when Jesus wanted to preach monotheism to non-Jews. 
  2. The Holy Spirit and God taught us a major lesson when they brought Jesus Christ back to life.  I went to show that no one can destroy part of God.
  3. Jesus Christ taught us the power of the Holy Spirit that continues to be a part of our lives to this day. He taught us about how much power that the Holy Spirit gave Him. We all recognize the role that the Holy Spirit played in the missions of Jesus Christ when we say the Sign of the Cross when we pray.
  4. We must worship the example that Jesus demonstrated for all of us and for all of our brothers and sisters all over the human family and the Nation of Humanity. We must worship God for sending such a marvelous prophet to save us from the craziness of the false gods of Rome and Athens.

The Greatness of Muhammud

  1. God chose Muhammad to be the prophet that would bring the Arabian Peoples to come to understand that they all would answer to God.  Muhammad was a Soldier of God that was determined to found a religion that would honor Humanity and God, its creator.  His mission was to attach the Arabian People to God.
  2. Muhammad made it perfectly clear that there is only One True God, whose name is Allah.
  3. Muhammad realized the power of prayer.  He taught his followers how important it was to connect to God through prayer.  He wanted Muslims to show love and respect for Allah through prayer.
  4. The Hajj is the journey that takes Muhammad's followers to the center of God's heart and soul.  Mohammad envisioned that all Muslims would meet with God face to face in the Holiest of Cities, Mecca, at least once in a lifetime.  Allah always wants to spend time with His Muslims there.
  5. Muhammad did not preach, encourage, or advocate violence.  Muhammad's mission was to help God to welcome God's Muslims into the Human Community.  We must work with God to help Muslims that need help. We must deal with Muslim issues in a repectful and in a constructive manner that honors the legacy or Muhammud.
  6. Muhammad taught God's Muslims to love God and to love all of the brothers and sisters throughout the world. He taught God's Muslims that his followers would not want to hurt God by seeking to hurt themselves and/or other of their brothers and sisters all over the world.
  1. Muhammud created a God-Fearing community of hundreds-millions of Muslims with God.  We must pray that Muhammad's legacy will live with us forever.  Muslims are our brothers and sisters.  We must respect and be thankful for the outstanding accomplishments of the Prophet Muhammud for bringing God into the lives of our Muslim brothers and sisters. We all share the love of the same One True God.  We must help them to understand that harmful thoughts do not solve their problems.  We must not disgrace Muhammud's legacy and Islam by refusing to help Muslims that need it the most.
  2. Muhammud's Dream was to bring His hundreds of millions of followers to enjoy the benefits of showing and receiving the love of our brothers and sisters and of Allah, The One True God that loves all of us.
  3. We must honor the legacy of Muhammud by being respectful in the way that we try to be forgiving of our Muslim brothers and sisters that are suffering from depression and that feel sadness toward Allah. God loves His Muslims. God is Always ready to forgive His Muslims. God brought prophets into the lives of His Muslims so that they would understand that He is a loving God that will always forgive them for anything that they could do wrong. The greatest accomplishment of the Great Prophets of Islam is that Muslims know that God, or Allah, will always love them and will always welcome them as part of the members of the Universal Human Family. We are very blessed becaused of what God accomplished with His Prophets and through His love for His Muslims.

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  • God Would Really Want Educators To Teach Our Young Adults About The Process Of The Menstrual Cycle, Ovulation, Sexual Intercourse, Conception, and Childbirth.
  • All Of Our Young Adults Deserve Training In How To Deal With God And With Family Planning Issues In Their Lives.
  • All Of Our Young Adults Deserve To Understand What They Are Completely Doing When They Begin To Engage In A Sexual Relationship.
  • Our Students Must Understand the Happiness That They Can Experience By Working With a Partner Of The Opposite Gender and With God To Achieve Parenthood and to Achieve The Creation Of Life.
  • Our Young Adults' Relationship With God Can Guide Them In The Right Direction And To Make The Right Decisions About Sexual Activity.
  • There Are Numerous Types of Growing Pains That Shock and Humiliate Young Adults In Our Grammar Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools. 
  • Unprovoked Sexual Arousal Happens To Every Young Adult.  That Is One of The Main Reasons Why Young Adults Would Want To Become Sexually Active.
  • Another Growing Pain Happens When Young Adults Have To Decide What Their Sexual Orientation Will Be.  This Could Be Stressful Because It Could Cause Family Conflicts and Peer Conflicts.
  • Another Growing Pain Is Peer Pressure to Abuse Alcohol, Tobacco, Illegal Drugs, and to Use Weapons.  Our Students Must Understand Their Obligations to Reject Peer Pressure That Encourages Them To Hurt Themselves and/or to Hurt Others.
  • Behavioral Health Scientists Have to Help To Explain All of This To Our Young Adults Before They Make a Mistake That will Ruin There Lives.
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