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We Will Now Discuss Various Types Of Relationships That We May Engage In Throughout Our Lives.  Our Relationships May Come With Conflicts And Risks.  We Should Always Look To God To Help Us To Achieve The Most From Our Relationships.

Relationships In Childhood

Premarital Relationships

  1. Parents And Babies Have a Strong Bond.  Parents Have To Teach Babies How To Function, How To Talk, How To Walk, And How To Develop A Personality.
  2. Sibling Relationships Can Help Younger Siblings To See Older Siblings As Role Models That They Can Look To For Support and Guidance.
  3. Toddler Relationships In Daycare Centers Can Help To Accelerate A Toddlers Social Maturation.  There, Toddlers Can Learn Basic and Intermediate Social and Communication Skills.
  4. Parents and Mentors Have To Teach Children To Respond To Constructive Discipline At The Earliest Age Possible.  Young Children Must Understand That Adults Will Teach Them The Difference Between Right And Wrong.
  5. Children Begin To Feel The Need To Respond To Peer Pressure As Soon As They Enter Grammar School.  Children Must Understand That Parents And Mentors Must Help Them To Have Constructive and Responsible Responses To Peer Pressure.
  1. A Man And A Woman Experiment With Love For Each Other In Order To Understand If They Are Compatible For A Long-Term Relationship With One Another.
  2.  A Man Should Respect A Woman's Sexuality.  Sexual Activity During A Premarital Relationship That Involves Contraception Can Put Enormous Stress On The Relationship.
  3. The Man and The Woman Should Find Numerous Ways To Build Mutual Interests With Each Other.  They Should Try To Enjoy The Same Activities and Functions.
  4. The Man and The Woman Should Work Together To Establish A Deadline Before They Will Decide When They Should Decide Whether To Proceed To Become Engaged, To Engage In Intimate Sexual Activity, and/or To Try To Have Children.
  5. A Man and A Woman In a Premarital Relationship Should Understand That The Main Purpose and Main Function of Intimate Sexual Activity Is To Conceive A Human Life In God's Factory of Human Life Inside Of A Woman's Body.  They Have To Understand That Their Intimacy Is A Connection To God That Taunts Him To Create A Human Life.

Romantic Relationships

Young Adult Romance

  1. The Main Purpose Of A Relationship Between A Man and A Woman Is To Find A Way To Work With God To Conceive And To Give Birth To A New Human Life.
  2. A Marriage Is A Contract Between A Man, A Woman, And With God.  This Contract States That The Man, The Woman, And God Will Work Together To Achieve A Level of Intimacy That Will Lead To The Conception of A Human Life.  Furthermore, They Promise That They Will Continue To Develop That Human Life After Childbirth.
  3. It Is Easier To Plan Intimacy In A Marital Relationship Than In A Premarital Relationship.  Premarital Partners Do Not Normally Seek To Achieve A Pregnancy During Intimacy.  Married Partners Are More Enthusiastic About Achieving A Pregnancy After Intimacy.
  4. A Marriage Is A Contract That Is Overseen By God.  God Expects That A Husband and Wife Will Develop Their Children Responsibly.  God Is Very Hurt When A Marriage Falls Apart And Ends.  God Inflicts Severe Consequences Against A Husband and Wife For Disrupting The Development of Their Children by Getting Separated.
  5. The Ultimate Goal Of The Development of Human Life Is To Raise A Baby To Become An Adult That Will Work With A Spouse To Help God To Continue His Cycle Of Creating and Developing Human Life.  The Purpose of God Is To Create And To Develop Human Life.
  1. There Are Two Types of Young Adult Romance.  The First Type Is When The Man and The Woman Are Minors That Are Under The Age Of Eighteen Years Old.  The Second Type Is When The Man and The Woman Are Older Than Eighteen Years Old But Are Still Adolescents.
  2. A Young Adult Woman Has To Ask Herself Two Questions.  First, Should She Lose Her Virginity Without Being Married Or Engaged To Her Boyfriend?  Second, Should She Postpone Sexual Activity Until She Determines Whether Her Relationship With Her Boyfriend Will Materialize Into a Premarital and/or a Marital Relationship?"
  3. Educators Must Teach Our Young Adults About The Consequences of Engaging In Unprotected, Spontaneous, and Unplanned Sexual Activity.  Sexual Activity Between A Young Adult Man and a Young Adult Woman Should Be Planned Ahead of Time.
  4. Young Adult Women Must Understand The Psychological and Emotional Consequences That They May Face If They Abuse Contraception.
  5. A Woman's Body Is God's Factory of Human Life.  Does A Young Adult Woman Have The Right To Destroy God's Ability To Create A Human Life Inside Of Her Because Of A Sexual Encounter With Another Young Adult That Went Wrong On Her?

Dangerous Relationships

The Reasons Why Marriages Fail

  1. Children and Young Adults Can Socialize With Individuals That Can Get Them Hooked On Illegal Drugs, Tobacco, And Alcohol. 
  2. Young Adult Minors Can Experiment With Destructive Devices Such As Weapons and Drug Paraphernalia.
  3. Gangs Can Put Pressure On New Recruits To Commit Crimes Such As To Deal Drugs And To Launder Money To Drug Kingpins.
  4. Young Adults Can Feel Peer Pressure To Engage In Unprotected and/or Protected Intimate Sexual Activity Regardless Of The Consequences That They Will Face For Doing So.
  5. Young Adult Minors May Feel Pressure To Engage In High-Risk Sexual Behaviors That May Lead To The Transmission Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  6. Peer Pressure In A Peer Group Can Put Pressure On Young Adults To Drink and To Do Drugs.  Some Young Adults Might Be Desperate To Be Accepted By A Peer Group.  They Then May Agree To Use Alcohol And Drugs.
  1. Irreconcilable Incompatibility Issues Arise When A Man and A Woman Face Conflicts and Fighting.
  2. Substance Abuse Can Put A Substantial Financial Strain On A Marital Relationship And On A Family.  Substance Abuse Issues Can Lead To Enormous Conflict Between The Man and The Woman In a Relationship.
  3. Sexual Intimacy Without The Intent To Conceive A Human Life Can Cause A Woman To Become Depressed And Emotionally Disturbed.  The Pain of Trying To Conceive A Human Life And Not Being Able To Achieve That Numerous Times Over and Extended Period of Time Can Cause Her To Generate Conflict With Her Male Partner.
  4. Infidelity Happens When A Man Seeks To Have An Excuse To Force His Wife Or Partner To End Their Relationship.  He May Want To End The Relationship For A Number of Different Reasons.  Many Men Use An Affair As a Way To Detach Themselves From Their Wife or Female Partner.
  5. Domestic Violence Issues Can Cause A Relationship To Fail.  A Man Can Become Violent When A Woman Threatens To Leave Him.  A Man Can Become Violent When He Is High On Drugs Or On Alcohol.  He May Become Violent For Other Reasons.

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  • Students Have To Understand About How God Feels About Substance Abuse In Young Adulthood.
  • We Must Teach Our Students That God In No Way Tolerates Substance Abuse Of Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco In Young Adults.
  • We Must Teach Our Children and Young Adults To Show Love For God By Rejecting Any Type Of Peer Pressure That Would Encourage Them To Use Illegal Substances.
  • We Should Hold Criminal Justice Seminars That Would Help God To Teach Students About The Realities of Using Drugs.
  • We Should Teach Students About Trying To Find Guidance From God When They Feel Like Experimenting With Illegal Substances.
  • We Should Teach Students That the Use of Illegal Drugs Hurts God and Violates the Love That God Has For All of Us.
  • Educators Should Always Encourage Students To Seek Substance Abuse Counseling For Themselves or for Another Loved One If Such a Crisis Should Arise.
  • When Does a Child or a Young Adult Need Psychiatric Treatment?  How Do the Parents of the Child or Young Adult Detect That Something Is Seriously Wrong?
  • Psychiatrists and Psychologist Should Be Prepared to Conduct Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluations for Students That Either Show Signs or a Detachment from God and/or From Humanity.
  • Mental Health Professionals Must Treat Students with Psychiatric Treatment and with Psychotherapy When The Students Show Evidence That They May Become a Threat to Themselves and/or a Threat to Others.
  • It Is Very Important For Mental Health Professionals to Find Ways to Reestablish a Patient's Relationship With God as Part of the Patient's Treatment Plan.
  • Reestablishing a Relationship with God in Conjunction with Psychiatric Treatment and Psychological Therapy Are Excellent Ways To Treat Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Young Adults.
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