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We must look to God to help us to achieve parenthood. We must look to God to help us to achieve in a peaceful coexistence between our peers and coworkers. We must work with God to understand that He is the Supreme Being. God monitors all of our relationships. God can punish us for hurting ourselves and/or hurting others. God can also help us to help others that might express the intent to hurt themselves and/or to hurt others. We must help our brothers and sisters to understand that they have no right to express the intent to hurt themselves and/or to hurt others. They must receive adequate psychiatric treatment that will save their lives and that will allow them to coexist with their family members and friends.
Relationships in Childhood Premarital Relationships
  • Parents and babies have a strong bond. Parents have to teach babies how to function, how to talk, how to walk, and how to develop a personality
  • Sibling relationships can help younger siblings to see older siblings as role models that they can look to for support and guidance.
  • Toddler relationships in daycare centers can help to accelerate a toddler's social maturation. They can learn basic and intermediate communication skills.
  • Adults with authority must teach children and young adults the difference between right and wrong.
  • Children begin to feel the effects of peer pressure from the time that they first report to school in the first grade or grammar school.
  • Parents and Mentors must help students to a have constructive and responsible responses to peer pressure.
  • A boyfriend and girlfriend experiment with love for each other in order to understand if they are compatible for a long-term relationship between each other.
  • A man should respect a woman's sexuality. The repeated use of birth control during a premarital relationship can cause physical and emotional harm to a woman's physical and psychological health.
  • The boyfriend and girlfriend should work together to understand when to become engaged, when to become married, and when to become pregnant.
  • The boyfriend and girlfriend should understand that the main purpose of sexual activity is to work with God during intimate sexual activity in order to convince God to create a new human life inside of His Factory of Human Life inside of a woman's body.
Romantic Relationships Young Adult Romances
  • The main purpose if a relationship between a man and a woman is to work with God to find ways to work with God to create and to give birth to a new human life.
  • A marriage is a contract between a man, a woman, and God. This contract states that the husband, wife, and God will work together to create a new human life through loving sexual intimacy. The new parents will then develop the new human life for the rest of their lives after childbirth.
  • It is easier to plan a relationship in a marital relationships than in a premarital relationship. Premarital partners do not normally seek to achieve a pregnancy during intimacy. Married couples couples are more likely to seek a pregnancy.
  • God is very hurt when a marriage fails. A couple promises God that they will work together to raise their children for the rest of their lives.
  • A separation or divorce disrupts the development of their children and young adults.
  • God suffers when a couple's kids and/or young adults suffer when one of their parents disappear.
  • The Purpose of God's Existence is to create human and nonhuman life.
  • We must consider rewarding God for creating our existence by exploring the intent to achieve parenthood in our lives.
  • There are two types of young adult romance.
  • One type is when the participants are a boy and a girl that are minors.
  • The second type is when the participants are older that eighteen years old but are still young adults.
  • Should a woman lose her virginity without being married?
  • Should a woman postpone sexual activity until she is engaged or when she is sure that her boyfriend will finally marry her?
  • Our educators have to warn our young adults about the consequences of engaging in unprotected, spontaneous, and unplanned sexual activity.
  • Young adult women should consider the emotional consequences that they will suffer if they use birth control.
  • Women can suffer severe emotional gain if they use birth control with a boyfriend for a long period of time before the relationship ends for various reasons.
  • Every woman faces a compounded depression with every failed attempt to work with God and her boyfriend to bring a new human life into this world.
  • Devastating God by asking a doctor to cause a miscarriage in a pregnant young adult woman (an abortion) devastates God. God cries when doctors believe that they are authorized to cause a miscarriage that will end a pregnancy.
Dangerous Relationships Why Do Relationships End?
  • Children and young adults can begin to socialize with individuals that can get them hooked on illegal drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.
  • Young adult minors can experiment with destructive devices such as weapons and drug paraphernalia.
  • Gangs put pressure on new recruits to commit crimes such as to deal drugs and to launder money for drug kingpins.
  • The members of peer groups can put pressure on young adults to engage in unprotected sexual activity regardless of the consequences that they will face for behaving like that.
  • Many peers may feel peer pressure to engage in High-Risk-Sexual Behaviors that will lead to an infections of a sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Peers can put peer pressure upon a young adult to use illegal drugs and alcohol. Our educators must teach our students about the dangers of using illegal drugs and alcohol.
  • A young adult might start dating someone who has an infection of a sexually transmitted disease. They might not know it until they both test positive for the sexually transmitted infection.
  • Irreconcilable incompatibility between a man and a woman in a relationship can lead to severe conflict that can only end through a separation of a divorce.
  • Substance abuse can work to destroy a relationship and to destroy a family. A relationship between married couples or boyfriends and girlfriends could end because of substance abuse issues.
  • Sexually intimacy without the intent to create and to bring a new human life into the world can make women very depressed and emotionally disturbed.
  • No one talks about how birth control generates conflict between a man and a woman in a relationship.
  • No studies have been done about the intermediate and long-term damage that can happen to a woman who abuses birth control over a long period of time.
  • Infidelity gives the husband or boyfriend an excuse to end a relationship that probably might not be working for different reasons. Infidelity is a symptom of a sick relationship between a mane and a woman or of a sick marriage.
  • Some men cannot let go of a woman that they love. A woman wants to end the relationship and wants her boyfriend or husband to leave her alone. Some men take offense to it and engage in domestic violence.
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There are many advantages that a student attain by achieving an Attachment to God. Students benefit from engaging in daily prayer. God wants to communicate with our students on a daily basis. God wants to show love for our students by helping them to achieve success in their education and in the relationships with others. God wants His children and young adults to avoid incarceration and substance abuse illnesses. God wants all of our young adults to dream about achieving parenthood. We have to succeed in meeting our obligation to God to work with Him and with our spouse to bring new human lives into the world and to work with God and a spouse to develop those human lives for the rest of our lives.
We must understand that God creates all water, crude oil, and natural gas for all of us. God delivers thousands-of-trillions of tons water, oil, and natural gas to us every day. He give this substances to us free of charge. God then allows us to sell these fluids in order to stimulate the world's economy. God's distribution of these substances helps Him to support and to maintain the existence of all human and nonhuman life on the Planet Earth. We must say thank you to God by engaging in daily prayer and communication with God. We must stop finding excuses to have harmful thoughts about hurting our brothers and sisters all over the world. We must respect God because of the way that He finds to stimulate the Humanity's Economy.
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  • Public School Students, private school students, and religious school students all have the equal right and need to learn about God.
  • All of our students need to communicate with God through prayer
  • All of our students need to find the God that exists in all of our lives.
  • All of our students need to respond to God when God chooses to talk with us.
  • All Students must understand that they need the Love of God in their lives in order to achieve success in their lives.
  • We all benefit from helping our brothers and sisters to find our destiny and to fulfill the Will of God in our lives.
  • God wants to help all of us to achieve happiness in our schools.
  • God works with educators in a way that benefits the developments of all of our students.
  • The goal of every scientist is to find God through scientific investigations, religious investigations, by engaging in prayers, and by loving others.
  • Scientists can help us to find God in our schools when we take science and engineering courses.
  • Scientists can teach their students to respond to the guidance of God during complex investigations or inventions that are in progress.
  • Scientists want to accomplish everything for Humanity because they want to fulfill the will of God in their lives.
  • Our goal is the receive permission to explore our Solar System if scientists succeed in helping all of us to find God.
  • God and scientists must form a partnership that would work to help our brothers and sisters to love each other and to love God as on Human Family.
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