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Welcome To Our Human and Social Services Page!!

We Would Like You To Read Many of the Proposals and Ideas That Would Help Us To Solve the Many Problems That Confront Humanity at This Point in Our History.

The Preamble

When, In The Course of Human Events, It Becomes Clearly Apparent That The Leaders of Our Human Nation Can No Longer Tolerate Human Violence Against Ourselves and Against Others In The Masses, Then It Is The Duty of Humanity To Work With God To Form An Alliance With The Leaders of Humanity To Stop The Violence and Self-Destructive Behaviors Of Our Brothers and Sisters. This Alliance Would Be Created Of The People, By The People, For The People, To Work With The People, and With God To Deter The Self-Inflicted Injuries and The Destruction Of Human Life. This Alliance Is Called The Human and Social Services Organization.

Our Mission Statement

The Human and Social Services Organization does not discriminate against any individuals due to age, race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, income, criminal history, income, managed medical insurance status, educational background, disability, religious orientation, behavioral disorders, and housing living status.

The main goal of our organization is to help everyone to help all of our human brothers and sisters to work with God and the Governments of Humanity to stop being threats to one selves and to others.  Our organization is determine to work with God to bring a lasting peace to people that do not know any better than to feel that they have something to gain by hurting themselves.  We must help all us to understand the consequences of hurting and injuring others in front of Our One True God.  Our organization must attempt to deter violence and hatred among all of our brothers and sisters.

We must pray for the souls of those who seek to injure themselves and to injure others in the watchful eyes of our One True God.  We must feel sympathy God and our brothers and sisters when one of God's children falls away from Him and tries to destroy life.

We cannot believe that we can solve a problem when one of our brothers or sisters' attempts to destroy life by trying to destroy life as a response to aggression.  Their is no justification for an effort to destroy human life.  The destruction of human life is against the Laws of God.

We must pray for all of those who are a threat to themselves and who are a threat to others.  We must pray that operatives of the Human and Social Services Organization can save their lives before they destroy their own lives by trying to destroy human life.

We must make behavioral medical treatment available to all of those who pose a threat to society and to themselves.  We must do what we can to keep our brothers and sisters with us in our society.  We do not want them to disappear into a correctional facility or to death.

Please Read The "Constitution of the Human and Social Services Organization by Clicking the Link Below. Our Prayers Should Go Our To All of God's Children That Unfortunately Feel the Neet To Hurt Themselves and To Hurt Others.

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You can read more about the Constitution of the Human and Social Services Organization by visiting our Articles Page!!

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  • Our Students Should Understand How To Get Help If They Feel Suicidal and/or Homicidal.
  • Our Government Must Provide Our Citizens With The Resources That We Will Need to Help Those That Want to Inflict Harm Upon Themselves and Upon Others.
  • We Must Teach Our Students That They Have Nothing To Gain By Hurting Themselves and/or By Hurting Others.
  • We Must Teach Our Students To Be Able to Reach Out To God And To Mental Health Professionals So That They Can Get Emergency Psychiatric Treatment.
  • We Must Help Our Students To Understand That They Must Try To Find God When They Feel Hurtful To Themselves And/Or Hurtful To Others.
  • We Must Have Support Organizations In Place That Will Be Able To Help Those of Us That May Be Candidates for Incarceration for Making an Effort To Hurt Ourselves and/or to Hurt Others. We Must Be Ready to Save Our Students' Lives.
  • God Is A Force That Has An Undying Love For All Of Us.  God Does Not Allow Us To Continue to Hurt Ourselves With Drugs, Alcohol, and Weapons.
  • Our Scientists, Religious Leaders, and Educators, Must Work Together With God To Help Our Young Adults To Understand That God Does Not Tolerate Substance Abuse or the Abuse of Weapons.
  • Scientists and Educators Should Conduct Substance Abuse Prevention Training for All of Our Young Adults. 
  • Our Scientists Would Work For God When They Would Send a Clear and Present Message To Our Young Adults about the Consequences of Using Illegal Drugs.
  • We Must Help Our Young Adults To Follow the Guidance of God and of the Holy Spirit When They Choose to Reject Peer Groups That Encourage Them To Drink Alcohol, To Smoke, To Use Illegal Drugs, and to Use Illegal Weapons.
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