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We are all one family of human beings that answer to Our One True God.  We can go to God for advice.  We can go to God for help.  We can go to god for guidance.  We can go to God to help us to understand why our brothers and sisters resort to violence to believe that they can accomplish their goals.  We must respect the roles that God plays in all our lives.  We must look to God for love and support during our good times and bad times.  We must create an organization that will help us to work with God to help each other to understand that we can no longer hurt ourselves and/or each other with the idea that we accomplish goals by doing so.
The Constitution of the Human and Social Services Organization
When, in the course of human events, it becomes clearly apparent that the citizens of humanity will continue to use violence against themselves and against others for an indefinite time to solve our problems, then it becomes the obligation of the Governments of Humanity to form an alliance with the Citizens of Humanity to end self-destructive violence and violence toward others.  This alliance must be created by the people, of the people, with the people, and for the people of Humanity to end the self-inflicted injuries and the destruction of human life. This organization is called the Human and Social Services Organization.
Mission Statement
The Human and Social Services Organization does not discriminate against any of our brothers or sisters on the basis of race, national origin, age, income, disability, criminal history, health insurance status, gender, sexual orientation, religion, religious beliefs, educational background, and substance abuse history.
The basic mission of the Human and Social Services Organization is to employ an army of Behavioral Health Professionals that can work with members of our societies to prevent self-inflicted injuries and injuries that are inflicted upon others. We must learn to love others, to forgive others, and to help others to understand that violence does not solve any of our problems.  We must learn to help ourselves by reaching out to the Human and Social Services Organization and to God when we feel the need to hurt ourselves and/or to hurt others. God always wants somebody who cares to be there for us so that we will make the right choice by going to Him so that we will not carry out a threat to hurt ourselves and/or to hurt others.
The Military Action Organization Corps of Young Adults
  1. MAO Commandos would work with our children, our young adults, and our adults to solve conflicts through peaceful confrontation between all people that are involved in conflict without resorting to violence.
  2. MAO Commandos would be mentors for our kids and young adults that would teach them how to solve problems without using violence.
  3. MAO Commandos would train all adults, young adults, and children to reject alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and firearms.
  4. MAO Commandos would appear in all schools to counsel and teach our children and young adults about the realities about substance abuse, drug dealing, and life in incarceration.
  5. MAO Commandos would train our kids and young adults to reject negative peer pressure and to report peer misconduct to their teachers or to the police as soon as possible.
  6. MAO Commandos would have many special programs that would help our kids, young adults, and adults to understand the difference between right and wrong.  MAO Commandos would help students and young adults to understand the consequences of engaging in violence against themselves and against others.
  1. Young Adult Commandos would be trained to be excellent students in grammar school, high school, and in college.  They would also be trained in law enforcement and criminal justice issues.
  2. The Young Adult MAO Commandos would be mentors for our children and young adults that would train them to reject alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and/or firearms.
  3. Young Adult MAO Commandos would be adequately trained in how to understand sexually transmitted diseases.  These commandos can help kids and young adults to understand the realities of what they must do to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Young Adult MAO Commandos will be trained to help their peers and their fellow commandos to do everything that they can to solve problems through peaceful confrontation and not by resorting to violence.
  5. The Corps of Young Adults will participate in community service projects that will help our kids and young adults in the community to get involved in the understanding criminal justice issues and law enforcement Issues. 
  6. MAO Young Adult Commandos would be role models for our kids and young adults that would help our kids and young adults in our community to understand the law, to understand how to break the law, and to understand the consequences of breaking the law.
The Adult Services Organization The Psychiatric Services Organization
  1. Substance Abuse Prevention Counselors will go into all our public, private, and religious schools to warn our kids and young adults about the dangers of using illegal drugs, alcohol, and/or firearms.
  2. Relationship counselors would conduct studies to understand why relationships between men and women disintegrate for no apparent reasons.
  3. Relationship counselors would try to determine if the abuse of birth control is a contributing factor in a woman’s decision to end her relationship with her boyfriend or husband.
  4. How do parents cope with a son or daughter that has been a substance abuser?  Adult Services Counselors will investigate why children and young adult devastate their parents by abusing illegal drugs.  They will try to help parents to deal with their tragedies and their successes.
  5. Family Planning Counselors can help adults to understand when the right time for sexual activity happens between them.  These counselors will try to understand whether sexual activity either benefits or hurts a woman’s body and if sexual activity hurts a woman’s mood.
  6. Family Counseling Programs can provide marriage counseling for a husband and wife that are considering filing for divorce.  Family Planning Counseling can also help to let the married couple to understand that they do not want to hurt their kids by getting divorced.
  1. This organization of psychiatrists will have a mission to always be there to stop a child, young adult, and/or adult from inflicting harm upon himself or herself and/or others.
  2. Psychiatrists would intervene in the lives of parents and young adults when the young adults have chosen to abuse illegal drugs.
  3. These psychiatrists would promote social behaviors that would help young adults and adults to exist as part of the community.
  4. Nurses from this organization can go into our schools to talk to students about mental illness and what a student’s options are if he or she becomes mentally ill.
  5. Law enforcement officers warn children and young adults to understand that they will comply with psychiatric treatment or that they will face incarceration in a psychiatric facility.
  6. Psychiatric Nurses would help our kids and young adults to understand the value and the benefits of seeking psychiatric treatment and of complying with medical advice if others discover that they child or young adult is mentally ill.
  7. We must save our students and our adults from incarceration and prosecution by making sure that they can get the emergency psychiatric treatment that they need before they will lose control of their lives and will face incarceration in prison or in a psychiatric facility for the rest of their lives.
The Religious Perspectives Project The Educational Services Organization
  1. All students from all public, private, and religious schools have the right and the obligation to pursue a relationship with God.
  2. The Constitution of the United States is not designed to obstruct a student’s relationship with God by convincing us that it is illegal for public-school students to pray to God because they go to public schools.
  3. The Religious Perspectives Project would help all students from all religions and from all public, private, and religious schools to pursue a relationship with God through prayer and through investigating the world’s religions with other students in after-school workshops.
  4. Mentors of the Religious Perspectives Project would teach members about how to go to God for help if they would need to deal with a difficult problem.
  5. Religious mentors would help kids and young adults that God is our Supreme Being that created us inside of His Factory of Human Life inside of our mother’s body.
  6. Students would understand the importance and the power for connecting to God through prayer and through communicating with God through talking to Him.
  1. The Educational Services Organization would provide funding and aid to all schools regardless of the school’s status and regardless if a school is a public school, a private school, or a religious school.
  2. The Educational Services Organization will conduct numerous studies to determine why certain students do well in school while others fall behind.
  3. We must understand whether students that have a strong relationship with God have an advantage over students who have weaker relationship with God.
  4. We must employ the most powerful computerized resources to give our kids and young adults the highest advantages that students have ever had in the history of education.
  5. The Educational Services Organization with conduct an on-line school that will be available for students who may fall behind in their studies as well as for students that want to jump ahead of their classmates by studying more than they need to study.
  6. The Educational Service Organization will present all children and young adults that succeed with the help of the organization’s resources with presents and other rewards.
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  1. How do we come to understand the roles that God will play in a child student's life and in a young adult student's life?
  2. It is possible that God begins to build a relationship with us from the time that we are infants.
  3. God is an invisible force for our students that helps educators to teach them how to read, write, and to acquire speaking skills.
  4. God shows love for our students through the love of their teachers and through the love of their peers.
  5. God wants to show love and affection for His children and young adults especially on their birthday and at Christmas time. Those are times when God rewards them for bring joy into the world.
  6. Our parents and educators must help our students to understand that they can go to God at any time to receive counseling and help for their problems. Our Supreme Being can help our children and young adults how to deal with tough problems.
  1. Will God and the Holy Spirit ever give us the permission to travel beyond our planet to explore our Solar System?
  2. What kind of spaceships can we build in order to reach the goal of intra solar space exploration?
  3. All of our brothers and sisters from around the world should be eligible to compete for a chance to participate in a global space exploration program.
  4. Can the Holy Spirit give us what it takes to build a new spaceship that will ignore rocket propulsion and will be powered by Clean Energy Generators and by electromagnetic propulsion systems?
  5. Should we believe that we deserve the right to explore our solar system considering the kind of pain and suffering that we cause for ourselves and for God here on this planet.
  6. How can we request help from God and from the Holy Spirit to conduct a Global International Space Program if we have millions of life-threatening conflicts here on this planet?
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