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We must all understand that love is a force that comes from God. We share love with God. God then allows us to share love with all of our brothers and sisters all over the world. Our mutual love for God and for each other allows us to work with God to work with Him to create and to develop all human and nonhuman life. Our relationship with God helps us to help all of our brothers and sisters all over the world to receive lawful aid and assistance from the governments of Humanity. God's Love helps us to promote the continued creation and development of all human life on our planet. God's guidance helps us to understand how to deal with all issues that pertain to the development and maintenance of Human life throughout the world. We must understand that God's Love for us is part of the individual relationship that we share with God on a daily basis. We look to our love for God for support, guidance, strength and understanding when we must deal with our problems.
The Basics God Communicates With Us
  1. God creates and provides us with all of our drinking water.
  2. God creates and gives us all of our crude oil.
  3. God creates and pumps all of our natural gas through underground pipes.
  4. God creates all nonhuman life to create and to maintain the existence of human life.
  5. God provides all of us with purified breathing air.
  6. God manages all landfills and sewers in order to process all of humanity's sanitation so that our waste products will not build up to be a threat to the health of all human beings.
  7. God creates and maintains all trees in our forests. God makes sure that we will have a substantial amount of wood and paper so that we will never face a shortage of wood products.
  8. God creates all fruits, vegetables, eggs, livestock, and seafood so that we will have a variety of foods to eat when we try to get food from nature that God operates on a daily basis.
  1. God helps us when we are in trouble.
  2. God helps us when we need help.
  3. God talks to us when we need advice.
  4. God helps us to understand how we can help others.
  5. God helps us to find people that can help us because God's Love guides us to others that God would feel that would be able to help us in a crisis or in some other ways.
  6. God helps us to stay away from people or situations that might cause us to find the justification to want to hurt ourselves and/or to hurt others.
  7. God and the Holy Spirit are always there to listen to our concerns, grievances, issues, and complaints.
  8. God is always there to help us to recover from the pain and suffering of a wrongful death.
  9. God always tries to reach out to us when He desperately needs to help us or when He needs our help in trying to solve a serious problem.
We Work With God To Create Life God Wants to Guide Us To Get Help
  1. God's goal is to introduce a man and a woman to each other so that they can form a relationship.
  2. God wants a relationship between a man and a woman to grow into a romance.
  3. God expects a relationship and a romance to grow into a marriage and into parenthood in the future.
  4. God wants a man and a woman that are in an intimate relationship to work with God to create a new human life to to be committed to work with each other and with God to develop that new human life.
  5. God hopes that a married couple will be responsible in accepting the responsibilities of parenthood.
  6. God's Love guides all parents in their efforts to deal with the stresses of developing the maturation of babies, toddlers, children, and young adults.
  7. The Holy Spirit works with parents to give them advice and support when their children become ill. God wants parents to have a spiritual resources to turn to if they feel that their children's problems overwhelm them.
  1. God wants to help us during our time of need and suffering.
  2. God's love for others help them to help us.
  3. God talks to us when we are in desperate need of support and counseling.
  4. God wants to guide us away from pain and suffering.
  5. God can lead us to ask others for help.
  6. We can always ask the Holy Spirit for assistance and advice.
  7. The love of God that wants to help us is always present in our lives.
  8. We must be able to allow God and the Holy Spirit to guide and to support us so that they can save our lives in life-threatening situations.
  9. God can force us to receive help if we become a threat to ourselves and/or a threat to others.
  10. God wants all of us that have behavioral or psychiatric disorders to get help before they will do something that will cause the criminal justice system to remove them from Humanity.
  11. God relies on psychiatrists and psychotherapists to save the lives of those of us that will resort to hurting ourselves and to hurting others because of an untreated mental illness or a mistreated mental illness.
God Wants To Help Us To Help Others God Has Us Under Surveillance
  1. God wants all of us to be sociable with others.
  2. Loving others is our moral obligation to God.
  3. Our love for God helps us to forgive others that have hurt us.
  4. We should be ready to help others when God asks us to help others.
  5. We must guide our peers away from committing destructive and self-destructive behaviors.
  6. We must help our peers by going to God for help when the peers emerge to become a threat to themselves and/or a threat to others.
  7. God's love for us is the same love that we should have for others.
  8. God chooses special people to make a career out of helping other that are in need of medical services, social services, psychiatric services, or emergency medical treatment.
  9. Making a career out of helping others out of the love that God has for us honors God.
  10. God wants His love for to force us to get help for substance abuse problems and other problems that may destroy the life of a young adult or of an adult.
  1. God automatically knows when we are trying to hurt ourselves and/or are trying to hurt others.
  2. God's love helps us to understand that we are not allowed to proceed to continue to hurt ourselves and/or to hurt others.
  3. God will try to make sure that we will receive assistance if we have a substance abuse problems with illegal drugs or alcohol, or if we intend to use a firearm to destroy ourselves one last time.
  4. God and the Holy Spirit will work with law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system to punish those of us who betray the love of God by finding excuses and justifications for continuing to hurt themselves and to hurt others.
  5. God want to reward us when He witnesses us showing love for others by helping them in their time of need and suffering. That is how God's love helps to heal suffering human beings.
  6. God will make it perfectly clear to us that He will not tolerate an endless campaign when any of us will seek to consistently hurt ourselves and/or to hurt others. He will end these problems one way or the other.
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We have to work to understand young adult issue in our schools.  All students who develop behavioral problems should have access to psychiatric evaluation and psychiatric treatment.  Family planning counselors can help parents and young adults to make important decisions about family planning issues.  Psychotherapists will stop student misbehavior through therapy and counseling.  We can no longer consider inflicting pain and suffering upon our students as part of their discipline.  We must understand that our students are human beings that are capable of making mistakes.  We have to help them through peaceful confrontation, therapy, criminal justice training, and counseling.  We must seek to save the lives of our students that exhibit behavioral problems and psychiatric disorders.  God, our families, our teachers, and our kids deserve that from us.


We will eventually discover and understand the mysterious forces that define gravitation.  They are invisible forces.  Devising mathematical explanations about forces that are invisible can be a huge problem for us.  God might help us to understand gravity if we behave ourselves so that we will use that knowledge for good purposes.  There will be a time when science and engineering will no longer need to create weapons of mass destruction.  We will unite with our brothers and sisters to stop violence and hatred all over the world.  The Theory of Everything will give the Forces of Good an advantage over immature people that think that God and Humanity do not love them because they have hateful thoughts toward us.  We can pray for a day when scientists will help psychiatrists to help those with psychiatric disorders to stop our governments from hating each other.

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  1. We need to help our students to understand how to cope with a tragedy either in school or in the community.
  2. Our students have to understand how to cope with grief when there has been a tragedy in the community.
  3. Students have to understand the warning signs that something is wrong with a fellow student. They must make the determination that they have to report a sick student to the teachers, to the principal, and to the local law enforcement agency.
  4. Our students need to understand the healing power of prayer that can relieve the grief after a tragedy in a school or in a community.
  5. We must pray to God that we will someday see an end to the pain and suffering that we have been experiencing.
  6. We need to establish psychiatric intervention programs that would help to save the lives of our higher-risk students by looking to help them before it is to late.
  1. Scientists and engineers exist in partnerships with God and with the Holy Spirit. God and the Holy Spirit always work with scientists and engineers to help their research projects and their inventions to succeed.
  2. God and the Holy Spirit have to approve every new invention and every new research project that our scientists and engineers would want to undertake.
  3. Our scientists and engineers do not always understand that they must continue to exist in an Attachment to God and must have the guidance and support from God in to produce successful projects and inventions.
  4. Scientists and engineers have a Duty to God and to Humanity to on projects and inventions That contribute to the betterment and to the advancement of Humanity.
  5. We must all pray that the scientific community will lead us to a worldwide lasting peace between all of our brothers and sister throughout Humanity.
  6. God will use science to find a final lasting peace with Humanity.
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