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God created all of us. We are all part of God. We are all destined to enjoy eternal life in God's Universe. God promised us that we would eventually enjoy eternal life no matter what would ever happen to us. The entire Human Family is in a struggle for its survival. Our Human Family has millions of unsolved problems that contribute to our pain and suffering. Why is it that God cannot solve our problems for us? Our inability to work with God to solve our problems is related to a global detachment that many of us have with God. Many of us feel that we can continue to exist without the presence of God in our lives. God cannot reach out to us to help us if we do not want anything to do with Him. God feels hurt and rejected when His sons and daughters continue to fail because they do not want to reach out to Him for help. Some of us fail to pray to God and fail to think about Him at all. That is one of the root causes that we face that makes it close to impossible to solve our problems.
Why Did God Create Us? Why Does God Need Us?
  1. God created us because He felt lonely. He want to create Human Life that would give Him a purpose to exist. God wanted to show love for intelligent human life.
  2. God must have a purpose for existing in His Universe. God's purpose is to create and to maintain all human and nonhuman life in the Universe.
  3. God's mission is to solve all of the problems in His Universe by showing an unending love for all of the human beings that He has created and will be creating in the future.
  4. God's mission was to create a Universe that did not have any problems where all His sons and daughters will live in peace with one another.
  5. God is working very hard to end our pain and suffering by attempting to find ways to intervene in Humanity's problems through peaceful confrontation between Himself and all of us.
  6. We must hope that all of us that exist in God's Universe will eventually be free of suffering and that God will eventually free of suffering.
  7. God created us because He wanted to share the joy of the creation of human life with living human beings. He wanted to create a Human Existence that would bring joy to to the Universe.
  1. God needs us to exist within His Creation and within His Universe. The existence of Humanity gives God the best reasons to exist as a Supreme Being.
  2. God feels the need to create and to maintain all human and nonhuman life. We satisfy God's need to create and to maintain human and nonhuman life by existing for Him in His Universe.
  3. God wants us to understand that we are all part of God. God wants to maintain a better universe when our existence coincides with His Existence. Being Part of God means that we can be part of the way that God creates and maintains the existence of all human and nonhuman life.
  4. God will help us to work to help our brothers and sisters that have problems in their lives. God asks us to help Humanity so that our pain and suffering will eventually end.
  5. God needs to teach our brothers and sisters that it is important to always communicate with God on a daily basis and to understand that we need God to be part of our lives.
  6. God wants us to help our brothers and sisters to understand what He has to offer them and what He expects from them. God wants us to understand what happens when we attempt to hurt ourselves and/or attempt to hurt others.
Why Does God Love Us? Who Invented God?
  1. God created us with the intent to make us part of His Human Family because He needed to play the role of our Supreme Being that would love all of us in all of our lives.
  2. God loves us because we try to bring Him joy and happiness. We try hard to limit or to end His suffering because we can feel the love that He has for all of us. We want to bring love and happiness to our Supreme Being and not to bring pain and suffering to Him.
  3. God wants everyone to know that He loves all of us even if we have committed horrible crimes. God feels pain when His children are removed from society and are placed in incarceration. God hopes that this will stop happening in the future.
  4. God loves us because of the love that we choose to share with our brothers and sisters all over the world that brings them happiness and relief from suffering.
  5. God loves us because we want to work with a spouse of the opposite gender to help Him to create, to maintain, and to develop new human live.
  6. God loves us because He needs to have a relationship with each and everyone of us. We must be a part of God's life and God must be a part of our life.
  1. Did God invent himself? Was God always there? Does God answer to a higher power than himself? We wish that we could investigate the answers to these questions.
  2. Does God create stars, planets, and galaxies? Does God create Extra-Terrestrial Human Life. That is Intelligent Human Life other than exists on our planet Earth?
  3. Who trained God to design and to manufacture human and nonhuman life? Why do we not have any documentation about how Humanity came into existence? How did God create the first human beings?
  4. God can design and build human beings, fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, and insects. Why is it that God cannot build a car or an airplane?
  5. How does God create a new human life inside of a woman's body inside of His Factory of Human Life?
  6. Is there a central nervous system for God. Does God just exist everywhere all over the universe? Do all of God's commands come from a central never center?
  7. Why is it that God cannot he honest with us about the answers to these questions? Does God believe that we do not deserve to understand Him?
When Was The Universe Created What Is God's Knowledge About Life?
  1. Does time exist or is it a delusion that we are experiencing on this planet that would be completely different on any other planet on any other part of the Universe?
  2. Did the Universe just turn on after which God appointed Himself the Master of the Universe that would be responsible for designing and creating all human and nonhuman life?
  3. Who trained God to create and to maintain human and nonhuman life? Did He train Himself. Did God just come to understand it?
  4. Where did the substances and that components of the mechanisms come from? Did God create them to be there so that we could invent things? Does God play a role in science by making the materials that we use to invent things available to scientists and engineers.
  5. Does God exist on both planets that have life and on planets that have no life? Why do planets that have no life exist? What does God do with planets and solar systems that do not exist?
  6. God depends on us to conduct scientific research and to help engineers to invent mechanisms. We need to help God to create human life.
  7. Our scientists should go to God to ask Him about the way that He feels about the concept of Time. We can develop our own theories of time and we could compare our theories to God's notes. We deserve that experience.
  1. We must understand that God is intelligent. Our Supreme Being is the smartest Living Being in the Universe.
  2. Did God come to understand how to perform as the Supreme Creator and Maintainer of all human life and nonhuman life by making mistakes in the past that he would not make with Humanity in the present or in the future?
  3. Does God have a life where He can maintain intelligent human life in numerous places that are scattered all over the Universe?
  4. Does God have a problem in understanding how to create life in one part of the Universe an has no problems in creating life in this part of the Universe?
  5. Being a Supreme Being is a continuing education program. God learns how to perform His job better every day. God becomes more mature with every passing day. God has a better understanding of how to perform His Job with every passing day.
  6. We have to understand that God makes mistakes and He immediately realizes that He has made a mistake. Do we learn from our mistakes or does God and Humanity need to punish us because we do not want to get the message that we keep doing something wrong and that the bad behaviors have to stop.
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  1. Our students should know how to get emergency psychiatric treatment if they feel that they feel like hurting themselves and/or like hurting others.
  2. Our government must provide our children and our young adults with the resources that they will need in order to protect our children from hurting themselves and from hurting others.
  3. We must teach students that they have nothing to gain by either attempting to hurt themselves and/or by attempting to hurt others.
  4. We must teach our children and young adults how to reach out to God and to mental health professionals to get help when they feel like hurting themselves and/or like hurting others.
  5. We must teach our students that they must try to find God when they feel hurtful to themselves and when they feel hurtful to others. They must understand what God wants them to do to get help for their mental illness and crisis.
  6. We must create Support Organizations that can help our students to better understand their mental illness and to develop coping skills so that they can grow up to live normal lives.
  7. We must train peers work to get medical treatment for their fellow students if they think that a student is intoxicated or is violent to himself or is violent to others.
  1. God is a Supreme Force that has an endless love for all of us. God will not continue to tolerate the way that some of us will continue to exercise the intent to injure ourselves with alcohol, illegal drugs, and firearms.
  2. Our scientists, religious leaders, and educators must work together to help our young adults to understand that God does not tolerate substance abuse or the illegal use of weapons.
  3. Scientists, mental health professionals, and educators should conduct Substance Abuse Prevention Training for all of our students in our grammar schools and high schools.
  4. Our scientists must send a clear and present message to students about the consequences that they will face if they seek to abuse illegal drugs or if they want to commit crimes with a firearm.
  5. We must teach our young adults to follow the guidance of God and of the Holy Spirit when they must reject peer groups that embrace the use of illegal drugs, weapons, and alcohol.
  6. We must help our children and young adults to understand that God cannot tolerate there persistent efforts to engage in gang activities or to deal drugs on the streets of a community.
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