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Your opinions about our presentations are very important to us.  We would very Much like to hear what your experience has been like with our website.  We have tried to offer our visitors a humanitarian website that we hope will bring God to improve our situation here in His Human Family.  The Existence of God is very important to all of us.  We depend on God to help us to survive on a daily basis for our entire lives.  We need to experience the Love of God to have children and to function as part of God’s Human Family.  We are thankful for God’s help in our development of this project.  We hope that you will find that it was just as fulfilling as we felt that it was.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Please take a few moments to answer a few answers on our feedback form and to submit your opinions to us.  We all hope that our relationships with God will bring us to a point in history where we will enjoy everlasting peace and happiness.  Again, thank you for being part of our projects.

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Our novel tries to help us to understand that our students are human beings.  None of us is perfect.  We all make mistakes.  We all need to exist in a relationship with God in order to survive in our lives.  God protects us and our family members from evil by giving us warnings and guidance.  God helps us to bring new human lives into the world when we work with Him and with a spouse of the opposite gender.  God can help us to prepare for parenthood throughout the time that we study in our schools.  God can help us to decide what our role we will play within His Human Family.  God works in the background with parents and teachers to develop our students for as long as they are students.  It is so important for students to understand that God must be part of their overall success in the classroom and in their lives.


We seek to develop better and more powerful inventions all the time.  We have to think of developing inventions that will lead Humanity into the next phase of our destiny.  We must find inexpensive ways to produce power if we are going to eliminate poverty and hardship.  We need to be able to create power in a way that is safe and reliable. Batteries do not work well in a spaceship.  Solar panels do not work well in a spaceship either.  We need an invention that is called the “Clean Energy Generator.”  This is a complex mechanism that will produce power indefinitely without relying on nuclear power and/or fossil fuel generators.  Clean Energy Generators will help us to build a spaceship that will allow us to explore our Solar System. We should consider believing that this dream can become a reality.  God will help us to accomplish this if we want Him to help us to accomplish this.

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  • God must be a part of everything that our schools do with our young students.
  • Teachers must recognize that God helps them to do their job by helping them to educate their students.
  • Students must learn how to pray and how to interact with God as part of their preparations to assume their responsibilities of adulthood, managing a career, and preparing for parenthood.
  • Learning about God in grammar schools, middle schools, and high schools is just as important as learning about everything else in their courses.
  • Children and young adults must understand that God creates all human life and all nonhuman life.
  • Our young adults must understand that intimacy between a man and a woman invites God to create a human life inside of the God’s Factory of Human Life inside of a woman’s body.
  • Educators cannot tolerate under-aged dating that could lead to a teenage pregnancy or a young-adult pregnancy by their young students in their schools.
  • Our students must understand that everything that sustains the existence of human life comes to us from God through nature.
  • It is to our benefits to devise newer and more modern theories of gravity to help our engineers that develop aerospace mechanisms.
  • New theories of gravity could help scientists to understand how God works with nature to support the existence of all human and nonhuman life.
  • New theories of gravity can help us to create more efficient spaceships that would have better features for supporting our astronauts and other occupants all over the world.
  • We need to find a reliable source of power such a Clean Energy Generator that will allow us to make space exploration of our solar system a reality for all of us.
  • We can develop a Super Plane which would be much faster and much more reliable if it were to be powered by a Clean Energy Generator instead of by jet fuel.
  • Our Armed Forces would have a definite advantage if we could develop and deploy vehicles that would be powered by a Clean Energy Generator.
  • Our military needs the option to travel into space in order to defend our safety here on Earth.
  • We hope that the military will be flying to outer space in the future.
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We hope that you have gained much from your visit with our website.  Please take the time to visit our sister websites.  May God Bless You.  We hope that the Humanity of tomorrow will be much happier, more mature, and more attached to God so that our suffering will finally end.  We must also pray that God’s suffering will end also.

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