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  • God Cries When He Deals With a Wrongful Death.
  • God Is the Only Being That Has the Sole Right To Put Someone To Death.
  • There Is Never a Substantial Justification For Murder.
  • God Wants Us To Help All Of Those That Provoke Violence and Murder.
  • God wants Our Students to Understand That We Must Be Ready To Forgive Our Brothers and Sisters For Having The Intent To Hurt Themselves and To Hurt Others.
  • We Must Work With God and Our Educators to Do Everything That We Can To Convince All of Our Students To Never Fantasize About Committing Acts of Violence or of Committing Murder.
  • Our Students Must Understamd The Consequences That They Will Face If The Betray Humanity and If They Betray the One True God That Loves Them.
  • God And The Holy Spirit Establish Guidelines For Dating.  They Have a Big Role In Helping Our Young Adults to Decide When To Start Dating.
  • Dating as Young Adult Minors in Grammar Schools or in High Schools Is Detrimental to the Successful Development of Our Young Adults.
  • Under Aged Dating Encourages Under Aged Sexual Activity to Begin To Exist in the Lives of Young Minors.
  • Young Minors Have No Way To Determine Or To Understand How To Use Contraception.  No One Really Knows How Young Adults Can Be Injured When They Successfully or Unsuccessfully Use Contraception.
  • Our Scientists Need to Conduct Studies and to Develop Counseling and Training Programs for Our Young Adults So That They Will Stop Injuring Each Other With Sexual Activity Before They Are Ready to Become Sexually Active.
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Please Feel Free To Visit Our Sister Websites.  ElsewhereNovel.Com Helps Us To Understand The Most Serious Problems That Affect Our Schools That Are In Crisis.  GravityCosmos.Com Presents New Theories About Gravitation That Could Lead Us To Build a New and More Powerful Space Exploration Program.  We Try To Present Theories and Concepts That Have Not Yet Been Developed Or Explored To Help Us To Understand The Conflicts That Affect Humanity.  Thank You For Visiting Our Websites!!

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