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We Would Like to Discuss Many Overlooked and Important Topics that Affect Our Students and Young Adults in Our Schools and in Their Relationships with God, Their Family Members, and Their Peers. It Is Important to Understand that Education Is Much More than Just Studying for Exams and Going to Parties.

The Ultimate Goals

The God That Exists In The Lives of Our Students

  1. We must teach train our students to find their purpose in life and to achieve that purpose.
  2. We must help students to achieve the highest level of social functioning by the time that they graduate from grammar schools and high schools.
  3. We must help our students to achieve the destiny that God has chosen for them.
  4. We must prepare our students for the responsibility of working with a spouse and with God to achieve parenthood.
  5. We must prepare our students to enter the workforce after graduation from high school and from college. Students should acquire the skills that they need to achieve success in their chosen professions.
  1. Students must understand that they had been conceived through the intimacy of their mother, father, and God.
  2. Students must understand that we all answer to God regardless of our age and level of maturity.
  3. Students must understand that God and the Holy Spirit watch everything that we do.  We do not go unpunished for breaking the law or hurting ourselves or for hurting others.
  4. Students need to learn how to connect with God in childhood so that they can make rational decisions about their role in God's Human Family later in their lives.
  5. God helps our students to socialize and to mature in our schools. God gives us social skills that help us to succeed as part of His Human Family.

Family Planning Challenges

Discipline Leads To Accomplishment

  1. Educators must determine when the time is appropriate to begin to discuss family planning issues with young adult boys and girls.
  2. Educators should describe the benefits and risks of under aged sexual activity with minors in grammar schools and high schools.
  3. Educators should teach students about the exact mechanisms that God uses to create a human life inside of a Woman's Factory of Human Life.
  4. Educators should discuss the emotional and physical risks that are involved in using contraception.  Young adults should completely understand how the mechanism of contraception works and how that mechanism can fail.
  5. Young girls that suffer from raging hormones should receive family planning counseling when they think that they need to start dating. These young adult girls face numerous challenges. When is the best time to become sexually active? What does she seek to achieve be engaging in sexual activity as a minor?
  1. Educators must find constructive ways to teach students the difference between right and wrong from the time that they are in preschool. 
  2. Educators should give students rewards for responding to discipline when they violate school rules and policies.  The students that do much better would deserve rewards.
  3. Behavioral health specialists should give students that have behavioral problems medical treatment in order to stop their offensive behaviors and to deal with their psychological issues.
  4. Discipline that injures a student is not an acceptable way to correct the student's behavioral problems.  Expulsion or suspension from school can ruin a student's life for the rest of his or her life.  That kind of cruelty has no place in education.
  5. Constructive Discipline allows educators to be patient with their students while behavioral health therapists try to understand why a young adult's behaviors are abnormal and how to treat those behaviors.

One Human Family Under God

Incentives Lead to Motivation

  1. We are all brothers and sisters in God's Human Family.
  2. Men and Women are the same in God's Eyes.  A woman is God's Factory of Human Life.  A man carries God's Seed of Human Life.
  3. God creates life and He expects our students to understand that.  God expects us to understand that we cannot abuse our ability to work with a spouse and God to conceive a human life. 
  4. All public and private school students must answer to God.  We must never fall away from God by ignoring His existence.  There are grave consequences if we choose to try to ignore God while we are students in school.
  5. There is really no such thing as race because we are all part of God.  God recognizes us as His children no matter where we have come from.  God creates and develops His students in His image and likeness because we are all the same.
  1. The Religious Perspectives Project would work with all students in our grammar schools and high schools to study and learn about God.
  2. Our schools would give rewards to those students who have shown an exceptional improvement in their behaviors since they had entered counseling.
  3. Students would be able to choose the gift that they would be trying to win from a catalogue when they would try to achieve their goals.
  4. Students would receive a Certificate of Achievement and a $400 Gift Card for illustrating exceptional response to the constructive criticism and to coaching and counseling.
  5. Students with exceptional response to constructive discipline would be challenged by special honor's assignments that would exceed the coursework of the student's grade level.  This would give the student extra credit that they can use later.
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  • God Wants All Students to Understand That He Creates All Human Life In His "Factory of Human Life" Inside of a Woman's Body.
  • God Wants Students To Understand That The Main Purpose of Sexual Activity Is to Work With God and With a Partner of The Opposite Gender to create a new Human Life
  • God Wants to Share The Happiness of the Creation of a New Human Life With a Man and a Woman That Truly Love Each Other.
  • God Wants Students To Understand That Using Birth Control Is An Effort To Frustrate His Efforts to Create And To Develop a New Human Life.
  • God Wants Us To Understand That An Abortion Is The Destruction of The Development of a New Human Live In "God's Factory of Human Life" Inside of a woman's body.
  • We Must Respect God's Efforts To Create Human Lives Inside of The Body of Every Woman Who Seeks to Acheive Parenthood.
  • All Human Life begins as God's Effort to Create a New Human Life Inside of God's Factory of Human Life inside of a Woman's Body.
  • God Decides to Create That Human Life in Response to the Expressed Love and Intimacy That a Male Partner and a Female Partner Share for One Another.
  • God Is the Only Force That Can Decide To End A Pregnancy By Causing a Miscarriage.  Doctors Have No Right To Obstruct or To Destroy God's Efforts to Develop Human Life in God's Factory of Human Life Inside of a Woman's Body.
  • God Is the Sole Creator of All Human and Nonhuman Life.  Special Counselors Should Show Women a Movie About What an Abortion Procedure Looks Like.
  • These Women Should See What A Childbirth Looks Like.  Then They Should Have the Right To Choose.
  • Our Government Has to Be Prepared To Give Assistance to Women That Have Been Victimized by an Unplanned Pregnancy and That Decided to Keep Their Baby.
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