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Education is not just about math, reading, and writing. Education is about preparing our children and adults to face the real world as adults. An education prepares our children and young adults to assume the responsibilities of maintaining a career. An education also helps a young adult to prepare to assume the responsibilities of parenthood with a partner of the opposite gender at some time in the future. God is very hurt when so many of His sons and daughters choose to reject parenthood. Nevertheless, all of us have a right to exist in God's Universe. A part of education is to teach our students about Family Planning Issues such as sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned teenage pregnancies. Education in this day and age is about teaching our students to be responsible as adults so that they will not die from substance abuse or from a sexually transmitted disease.
Constructive Family Planning Finding God
  1. We should honor God by planning to engage in sexual activity when we want to work with our spouse of the opposite gender and God to produce a pregnancy through mutual sexual intimacy.
  2. Achieving a successful pregnancy is a joint effort between a male spouse, a female spouse, and God. They work together to achieve a successful conception, pregnancy, and childbirth.
  3. We must remember that God creates all human life in His "Factory of Human Life" inside of a woman's body.
  4. Our young adults must understand that unprotected sexual activities can lead to unplanned pregnancies and to emotional pain and suffering for all family members that are involved in the crisis.
  5. Our under aged young adults should see a full movie of an abortion procedure and of a childbirth. They then should be given the right to choose between and a childbirth and an abortion to deal with an unplanned pregnancy.
  6. Our young adults must understand that birth control obstructs God's efforts to create human life in His "Factory of Human Life" during sexual and loving intimacy between a man and a woman. There are times when the birth control device will either succeed in stopping a pregnancy and there will be times when God will defeat birth control and will create a new human life.
  1. All of us come to a point in our lives when we must work to find the God that exists in our lives. That means that God will be a force that will guide everything that we will do in our lifetime.
  2. We find God by engaging in daily prayers. We should learn to talk to God through daily prayers from the time that we are toddlers.
  3. We must find God by loving others. We must show our love for God by showing love for our family members, friends, and educators, and all the other persons that work together to make a difference in our lives.
  4. We have the option of going to God if we are in trouble. We can ask God for guidance and for support. We can ask God to give us the strength to find solutions to our problems.
  5. We must find God by showing the intent to help our family members, friends, and educators to help them to do their jobs and to find fulfillment in what they do.
  6. God can come to us to ask us to help someone in our lives that is in desperate need of help. God can guide us to provide humane assistance that will help others to survive their problems.
  7. We find God when we achieve parenthood. The end result of our relationship with God is when we work with a spouse of the opposite gender to create a new human life by working with our spouse to collectively find God. We should be thankful to God that we we can accomplish so many things with His love and the love of our children.
Constructive Discipline Success Through Talking to God
  1. All students must learn from their mistakes. Discipline in our schools is about teaching our kids and young adults that they have done something wrong and that they cannot do it again.
  2. Educators must warn kids and young adults about the consequences that await them if they do not stop their unacceptable behaviors.
  3. Our educators and our parents must encourage our students to go to God for help in order to understand why the student is in trouble and how the student can benefit from advice from God.
  4. The process of discipline cannot injure a child or a young adult. Injuring a child or a young adult during the process of discipline is cruel and unusual punishment. Our schools should have no tolerance for it.
  5. God is involved in the discipline of a child or of a young adult. God wants to help a student to recover from what he or she has done wrong. Students must remember that God loves them and forgives them no matter what they do wrong.
  6. Sometimes discipline involves psychiatric treatment and psychotherapy. Mentally ill students should get the help that they deserve so that they can lead normal lives.
  1. Students must understand that God has been part of our lives and will be part of our live for the rest of our lives. Students must understand the importance of recognizing that God is part of everything that we do.
  2. God is our Supreme Being that gives kids, young adults, and adults the best advice that we can get than from anyone else.
  3. Our parents and religious leaders must help our students to understand that God's Guidance will lead them away from harm and will lead them to success in their schools and in their careers.
  4. It is a good thing when our faith in God can help us to solve conflicts between ourselves and others and to lead us to achieve success at the same time through God's ability to understand what God feels about our lives.
  5. Religious mentors can help students to understand that God will help them to solve their problems through divine intervention into their lives.
  6. All of our students have the right to retain a religious mentor that would help the students to understand the benefits of allowing God to continue to exist in their lives.
Criminal Justice Education The Dangers of STD's
  1. We must teach our toddlers and children the difference between right and wrong and we must teach them about the dangers of illegal drugs, alcohol, and firearms at a very young age,
  2. The Department of Education should assign at least one Criminal Justice Mentor to every school in the United States to help our kids and young adults to know the difference between what is legal and what is not legal.
  3. Criminal Justice Mentors would teach our kids about the kinds of crimes that could destroy their lives, such as substance abuse and drug dealing,
  4. Criminal Justice Mentors must teach students about what happens to substance abusers and to drug dealers when they are arrested for selling dope on the streets.
  5. Our kids and young adults must view movies of what it is like to live inside of a prison or a correctional facility as a warning of what may happen to them if they want to continue to do dope and to sell dope on the streets.
  6. Criminal Justice Mentors can be available for students who seek help when they discover that a fellow peer or peers have been trying to commit a crime. There would be other reasons why a kid might want to contact a Criminal Justice Mentor.
  1. We must educate our students about what a sexually transmitted disease is and how they can become infected with a sexually transmitted disease.
  2. Our students must understand what the different types of high-risk behaviors exist out there that that increase the likelihood that a young adult or adult will become infected.
  3. It is very important that students must understand that both participants that want to engage in a sexual encounter should be tested for infections of sexually transmitted diseases as a precaution so that a partner does not become infected during sexual activity.
  4. Our students must understand the dangers of promiscuous sexual behaviors. That is when a young adult or an adult has multiple sexual partners withing a time period such as two to six months.
  5. It is important to understand that God will tolerate high-risk sexual behaviors for a certain amount of time before the young adult or adult that is playing games with sexual activity will be punished for it.\
  6. Most sexually transmitted diseases are not curable. These diseases allow God to torture an infected young adult or adult. Our students must know how much it hurt to be infected.
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We think that we need a novel that talks about complex family planning issue that our young adults face everyday in our schools. All schools have young adults that are devastated by their battles with their raging hormones. All young adults must make a decision about their sexual orientation. Students must decide whether to experiment with sexual activity in a premarital relationship or to delay sexual activity. Who teaches our young adults about the clear and present dangers of under aged dating and under aged sexual activity. Our family planning teachers love to talk about birth control and abortion rights. Do they want to encourage our young adult girls to be submissive to young adult boys? There is no excuse for tolerating under aged sexual activity in any school. Furthermore, we should prosecute and incarcerate any young adult boy that tries to violate the sexuality of a young adult girl. This book discusses these types of issues.
What is a Theory of Everything? There is no way that a single document can justify everything that God does in His Universe to keep us alive and to continue to create and to maintain human and nonhuman life. The Existence of God is the centerpiece of the "Theory of Everything." We have to investigate what God does with the forces of nature to keep us alive no matter what happens. We would want to describe the ground rules by which will operate on a planet life our planet. We can predict when objects with move closer together or when they will move farther apart if a theory helps us to understand that. We can understand how fluids like water and gasoline behave if we know that God manufactures these fluids for various purposes. We have to obey the mandates and the rules by which the Universe functions on a daily basis even though we take these rules for granted and we do not yet know what these rules are.
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  1. We must teach our students that they have no future or career when it comes to their participation in street gangs. Federal and local law enforcement agencies will not tolerate gangs that distribute drugs and that corrupt the communities that they live in to continue to exist.
  2. We have to teach our students to never work off the books. They must learn that they must work for a company or an employer that properly reports the income of all of its employees to the Internal Revenue Service.
  3. Our students must understand the concept of money laundering. They must understand that they will be prosecuted and incarcerated for attempting to send cash from a drug dealer in one part of the United States to another country.
  4. Our students should not be afraid to report juveniles and gang members that harass them and ask them to commit crimes to the police department and to their parents.
  5. We must teach kids and young adults that drug dealing is a scam. Drug dealers want to hurt kids, young adults, and adults. Drug dealers believe that they can get paid for destroying the lives of their substance abusers.
  6. We should discourage our kids from ever drinking alcohol or using tobacco. An addiction to alcohol can destroy a human being's life.
  1. We need to understand that intelligent extraterrestrial human life may in fact existence. There is a lot of evidence that gangs of these extraterrestrial human beings have been harassing us for hundreds of years.
  2. There motives for harassing us may not be clear to any of us. We do not have proof that they exist by we have evidence that something that is abnormal has been disrupting our lives for hundreds of years.
  3. There is evidence that extraterrestrial human life is much more advance and is much more intelligent than us. That is just embarrassing for us because we cannot explain the way that we behave to a more advanced civilization.
  4. There are many rumors about how these extraterrestrial human beings might look like even though no one has ever snapped a picture of one of them. How do we know that the drawings are scams?
  5. Many people claim to have seen their spaceships. However, there is no evidence that these types of vehicles can actually be built and that they could work for anyone.
  6. We do know that they may not want anything to do with us because we are very violent and destructive. Therefore, maybe they stand on the sidelines to watch us with our daily obsessions to kill each other. There is enough evidence to suggest that something is out their but there is not enough evidence to prove it.
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