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Our articles describe the complexities of our relationships with God. We encourage our visitors to show their Faith in God by understanding that we are all one Human Family that answers to a One True God. Our Human Family is in a very life-threatening crisis at this point. Our brothers and sisters here in the United States and all over the world desperately need our help. We have to bring the help that God needs our brothers and sisters to have to them. We can no longer tolerate and ignore the pain and suffering of our mentally ill brothers and sisters. We have to provide psychiatric treatments to our brothers and sisters that are struggling with suicidal and homicidal ideations. We have to show God that we care about our severely mentally ill brothers and sisters. We have to work with God to give our brothers and sisters a second chance at life and to retain them as part of Humanity. We must dream of a day when the United Nations will be the Government of Humanity. All of the nations of the world will answer to God and to the United Nations. God is suffering. We are suffering. We have to work with Each other and with God to stop the suffering. We have to find a way to achieve an Attachment to God and to achieve a peaceful coexistence with all intelligent human life all over the Universe.
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God's Love For Us How Humanity Can Achieve Salvation?
  • God helps us to perform in our school and in our studies.
  • God helps us to perform in a job.
  • God helps us to achieve parenthood
  • God guides us when we are sick and in need of help
  • God wants to forgive us for everything that we do wrong.
  • God wants to help a struggling couple to save their relationship.
  • God does not just allow our lives to fall apart.
  • God gives us beautiful children to develop and to love for the rest of our lives.
  • God expects us to love Him in many different ways.
  • God expects all children and young adults to have a positive response when the face constructive discipline and advice.
  • All of us must show love and sympathy for the way that God and all of us have been suffering.
  • God needs everybody that is a human being to talk to Him on a daily basis.
  • Our schools must teach responsible concepts in family planning issues that helps them to understand that all human life comes from God.
  • Our need to destroy life to solve problems has to change to our need to preserve life to solve our problems.
  • We must be conscience of the way that we make God suffer by hurting each other.
  • We must stop our fascination with hurting ourselves with weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
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The Constitution of the Human Services Organization The Many Roles of God in Our Lives
  • We must start an international organization that will help God to work with us to solve the world's problems.
  • We must solve our conflicts with our brothers and sisters through peaceful confrontation and not through violence.
  • We must help all parents to resolve the problems that they face when the encounter problems in developing their children and young adults.
  • We must have an international organization of scientists to investigate God and to try to help all of our brothers and sisters to find God.
  • We have an obligation to God to love Him by showing love for all of our brothers and sisters all over the world.
  • We must work with God to help those of us that are struggling and are less fortunate than we are.
  • All Christians, Muslims, and Jews must understand that they must love each other as a requirement of their religious faith and their relationships with God.
  • We need to progress with comprehensive programs to reform education in the United States.
  • A public school education does not disqualify public school students from pursuing religious studying or pursuing a relationship with God.
  • God helps us to think and to understand our peers both in school and at work.
  • God helps us to continue to develop our children in a way that is productive and responsible.
  • God gives us the capability to pursue a career or to receive assistance that will help us to maintain our lives and the lives of our families.
  • God guides us to accomplish our goals and the goals that He wants us to accomplish.
  • God helps us to work with Him to create a new human life through sexual intimacy with a spouse.
  • God guides us to recover from a catastrophe that might happen to us in our lives.
  • God helps us to understand how to love others.
  • God helps us how to forgive others who have hurt us.
  • God works with us to save our marriage and our family.
  • God tries to stop us from committing a crime that might destroy our lives and the lives of our loved ones.
  • God guides us to the resolution of our crises. God wants to help us to solve our problems.
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The Psychology of Relationships in the Space Age What Is Humanity's Destiny?
  • Adults and young adults have unique issues in today's world.
  • There are many reasons why romantic relationships will end.
  • What makes a man attractive to a woman?
  • What makes a woman attractive to a man?
  • Why do so many of us want to hurt ourselves?
  • Why do so many of us want to hurt others?
  • Why do so many of us become detached from God?
  • Why do so many of us ignore God in our lives?
  • Can a detachment from God destroy our relationship with a spouse?
  • Can a detachment from God cause us to ultimately face incarceration?
  • What are the ultimate consequences of a detachment from God?
  • Did God create Humanity so that those of us that exist as human beings would face an eternity of suffering?
  • Is it possible that God will give us the authorization to explore the Solar System?
  • Will there be a day when we will stop killing each other?
  • Will hardships like starvation, poverty, and sexually transmitted diseases ever end on this planet?
  • Will God's promise of the Kingdom of God ever materialize on this Planet Earth?
  • Are we destined to find a time in human history when our suffering will end and that we will stop causing suffering for God?
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What Is The Purpose of Life? Young Adults in the Space Age
  • God exists because He wants to be a factory of human and nonhuman life.
  • The existence of human life gives God a purpose to exist.
  • We have a purpose to exist when we work with God to create and to develop human and nonhuman life with Him.
  • Developing new human lives brings much needed happiness and joy to Humanity and to God.
  • God needs us to love Him.
  • God needs our help to destroy the existence of evil in His Universe.
  • God needs our help to try to stop our children and young adults to be a joy to humanity and not horrors that are driven by evil intentions.
  • We have to join forces with God and with the Holy Spirit in order to finally destroy evil and to stop its existence in God's Universe once and for all.
  • Our Human Family will continue to enjoy the honor and the privilege of working with God tor create and to develop human life with Him.
  • Young adults have very unique problems in this day and age.
  • Young adults need special family planning training that would help them to understand the dangers of young adult sexual activity.
  • Parents should be very careful about allowing young adult sons and daughters to date as minors.
  • Young adult dating can lead to young adult sexual activity.
  • Young adult sexual activity can lead to a an unplanned teenage pregnancy.
  • High-risk sexual activity between two or more sexual partners can lead to the transmission of a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Our young adults have to understand how to be intelligent when it comes to their sexual behaviors. They must understand that they have to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases by working with God.
  • Young adults that engage in promiscuous and high-risk behaviors will eventually face their punishment. Our young adults have to understand that they cannot play games with their sexuality and with God.
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Does God Create Evil? God and the World's Governments
  • Evil is an uprising within Humanity which seeks to destroy human life
  • God in no way create evil or endorses the mission of evil
  • God works with Humanity’s Military and Law Enforcement to destroy evil.
  • Evil is a suicidal existence which faces self-destruction.
  • God is still trying to understand why evil comes into existence in His Universe.
  • We must work with God to make sure that Humanity stops producing the existence of evil.
  • We must understand that we are suicidal when we employ the doctrines of evil.
  • We will eventually defeat evil.
  • All of our world governments answer to God.
  • Our world leaders must not in any way offend God by supporting violence, death, and destruction.
  • Our world leaders must work together to end violence, poverty, starvation, and homelessness.
  • Our world leaders must encourage religious freedom for all of their citizens.
  • Our world leaders must find ways to resolve conflicts through peaceful confrontation instead of using violence.
  • Our world leaders must support sexual education that teaches our young adults how to avoid being infected with sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Our world leaders cannot tolerate violence that threatens the safety of a country’s population.
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