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Our Articles Discuss Advanced Theories about the Stressors and Problems That We Are Facing That Are Life-Threatening for All of Us and for All of God's Children. We Must Discover the Substances of Our Problems in Order to Find Suitable Solutions that Will End the Suffering of All of God and of All of Our Brothers and Sisters All Over the World!! We Hope That You Can Enjoy Reading Our Articles and that Our Theories Will Make a Positive Impact on Your Ability to Find God and to Work with God to Solve Your Problems.

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The Many Roles of God in Our Lives

The Constitution of the Human and Social Services Organization

  • We talk about how the circumstances that will lead God to create a new human life inside of God's Factory of Human Life inside of a womon's body.
  • We talk about how God works with parents to develop newborns, toddlers, and children. Parents must understand that human life comes from God. We discuss how God works with parents to develop human life.
  • God wants all of our children and young adults that He loves each and every one of them. God wants to work with parents to bring Him into the lives of their kids.
  • Parents and educators must help our children and young adults to understand that we all answer to God. We will be disciplined for hurting God and others and you will be rewarded for helping God to manage His Human Family.
  • God guides as many of our children and young adults to prepare for parenthood. God wants His human adult men and women to work with Him to create and to develop new human lives.
  • We must understand that God is a Universal Force that is there to help us no matter how horrible our situation can be.
  • Our children, young adults, and adults must come to understand that all human and nonhuman life comes from God. Therefore, we all answer to God when we try to work with God to create a human life and to develop a human life.
  • We Must Help Those That Pose a Threat to Themselves and a Threat to Others.
  • We  Must Work with the Governments of Humanity to End Senseless Suicidal and Homicidal Behaviors among All of Our Brothers and Sisters.
  • We Must Do Everything In Our  Power to End Starvation, Poverty, Suffering, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  • We Must Prepare Our Young Adults for Adulthood by Educating Them about How They Try to Reach God When They Try to Become Sexually Active
  • Our Schools Cannot Groom Our Students for Incarceration and to Pursue a Life of Crime and Poverty.  We Must Help Them to Avoid That Fate.
  • We Must Work with Our World Leaders to Open Up a New Era in the Way That We Pursue and Conduct Our Relationship With God.
  • We Must Create an Organization of Human Beings That Will Work Directly With God, With Our World Leaders and Our World Governments to Begin to End Violence and Suffering All Over the World.
  • Our Human Governments must establish a direct Attachment To God That Will Help All of Us To Find God in Our efforts to coming to a final and lasting peace to our problems.
  • We Must Work Together to To Find God Through Loving Each Other and Through Loving God. We Can End God's Pain and Suffering by Working with Him To Stop Our Pain and Suffering.
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The Psychology of Relationships in the Space Age

What Is the Purpose of Life?

  • We Must Be Ready to Work With God to Repair Relationships in Which We Hurt Others and Others Hurt Us.
  • We Must Teach our Young Children and Young Adults that God Will Not Tolerate Harmful Behaviors That Make Us Suffer in Our Relationships.
  • God Does Not Support Divorces Under Any Circumstances.  God Wants to Help to Repair Marriages That Are in Trouble for the Best Interests of the Couple's Children.
  • We Must Work with Counselors and Psychiatrists to Try to Find Ways to Repair Damaged Families So That These Families Will Stop God from Suffering.
  • It Is Important to Provide Therapy and Psychiatric Treatment to All of Our Children and Young Adults That Become Sick with a Mental Illness or with Behavioral Disorders.
  • God Never Wants a Husband and Wife to Ever Just Give Up on Their Marriage.  God Wants Them to Find Happiness with Each Other After The Solve Their Problems.
  • God Sees His Purpose to Exist in the Way That He Creates and Develops All Human Life.
  • God Creates Nonhuman Life to Support the Existence of Human Life.
  • We God To Feel That He Has Accomplished His Purpose to Exist by Showing Our Live for Him by Pursuing and Achieving Parenthood.
  • We Help God to Feel That He Has Achieved His Purpose to Exist by Loving Him after We Have Agreed to Accept The Role of Parents that happens after Our Children Our Born.
  • Our Purposes in Life Are to Love God, to Love Others, and to Help God and Humanity to Achieve Their Purpose for Existing in the Universe.
  • Our Purpose in Life Is to Exist in an Attachment with God So That Our Actions and Behaviors Will Be Motivated by Needs to Love God and Humanity So That We Can Make Humanity a Better Family.
  • Our Purpose in Life Is To Come To Understand and To Accept The Existence of God In Our Lives That Will Help Us to Recover from Any Tragedy.
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Young Adults in the Space Age

What Is Humanity's Destiny?

  • We Must Come To Understand the Stresses That Young Adults Deal With in Their Daily Lives.
  • We Must Understand How Young Adults Accept and/or Reject Positive Peer Pressures and Negative Peer Pressures.
  • We Must Educate Our Young Adults about the Realities of Pursuing a Sexual Life.  We Must Educate Them About Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Contraception.
  • We Must Help Them to Deal with the Pressure to Become Engaged in their School and How to Deal with Consummation Issues.
  • We Must Teach Our Young Adults About How To Work with God in Order to Make the Right Decisions about Their Social Lives.
  • We Should Work with Young Adults to Help Them to Make Responsible Decisions about Protecting Themselves against Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  • We Will Achieve a Final Peace with Each Other and With God
  • We Will Face and New Heaven and a New Earth Where Their Will Be No Violence and Suffering.
  • We Will No Longer See the Justification to Hurt Ourselves and/or To Hurt Others.
  • We Will No Longer Seek to Cause Pain and Suffering for God.  We Will Respect God's Right to Exist in Peace with His Creation.
  • We Will Come to Show Sympathy and Compassion for All of Our Brothers and Sisters Who Are Mentally Ill.
  • We Will Work With God to Make Sure That Our Mentally Ill Brothers and Sisters Throughout the World Will Receive the Psychiatric Treatment That They Need to Deter Their Need to Commit Suicide and/or homicide against us and against God
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Concepts In Gravity

Concepts In Spatial Mathematics

  • We Will Come To Understand the Real Properties of Space, Matter, and Energy.
  • We will Come To Understand the Similarities and Differences Between Gravity and Electromagnetism.
  • We Will Come to Understand the Difference Between Strong and Weak Forces.
  • We Will Come To Understand How an Orbit Works.
  • We Will Come to Understand the Relationships Between Angular Velocity and Rotational Velocity.
  • We Will Completely Understand What an Attractive Pulsation is and what a Repulsive Pulsation is.
  • We Will Come to Understand What an Attractive Propulsion is and what a Repulsive Propulsion is.
  • We Will Understand the Concepts of Linear Velocities and Orbital Velocities.
  • We Can Begin To Understand The Basic Properties of Sets
  • We Will Come To Understand the Basic Mechanisms of Additions and Subtractions in Terms of Sets.
  • We Will Try to Understand the Basic Concepts of Elements in Sets, Volume., and Density of Sets.
  • We Will Discuss the Creation and the Destruction of Sets
  • We will Talk About the Creations and the Destructions of Elements of Sets.
  • We Will Discuss the Mergers of Sets.
  • We Will Talk about Various Types of Manipulations of Subsets.
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Article #10

Technologies of the Space Age

The State of Education in the Space Age

  • We Will Look at Various Types of Inventions That Can Improve Our Standard of Living.
  • The Clean Energy Generator would cause the cost of gas to fall drastically. This Generator would provide an unlimited amount of power without using nuclear components or any types of fuels.
  • The Propulsion Pod would work with Clean Energy Generators to provide electromagnetic power to provide propulsion for our spaceships that would travel into and out of the planet's atmosphere.
  • Super Magnets would be strong enough to attract and/or to repel materials such as wood, plastics, and glass.
  • Levitation Pods would use Electromagnetic Power to Help Objects to Increase or Decrease in altitude in a planet's gravitational field.
  • Time Dilation Devices for a Spaceship would allow the interior of a spaceship to have a gravitational field that would mimic a planet's gravitational field.  That means that everything in the spaceship would have a positive weight even though it might be outside of a planets atmoshpere.
  • We Must Make Sure That All of Our Students Will Have the Opportunity to Understand How to Pursue a Relationship with God.
  • We Must Make Sure That All Young Adult Students Should Have Access to Productive Family-Planning Training.
  • We Have to Help Our Students to Understand the Dangers of Pursuing High-Risk Sexual Behaviors.  Our Young Adults Must Understand the Final Consequences of Pursuing High-Risk Sexual Behaviors.
  • Our Students Must Receive Counseling To Understand How To Choose What Their Sexual Orientation Will Be.
  • Young Adults Must Understand That Sexual Activity between a Man and a Woman is a Direct Connection to God That Provokes God to Create a Human Life Inside of His Factory of Human Life Inside of a Woman.
  • Our Young Adults Must Discover the Truth about the Difference between Heterosexuality and Homosexuality in Young Adults and in Adults.
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  • God Has Many Different Ways of Disciplining Us.
  • God Wants All Of Our Students To Learn From Their Mistakes Through Discipline.
  • God Does Not Want To Injure a Student During The Process of Discipline.
  • God Wants Discipline To Teach Our Students The Difference Between Right and Wrong.
  • God Wants Discipline To Be A Learning Experience For Our Students That Will Help Them To Achieve Success Through Their Relationship With God.
  • We Must Understand That Parents, Siblings, Peers, Educators, and Family Members all have to Profit from Successful Efforts To Discipline a Student.
  • A Student Who Has Committed Errors Should Be a Candidate for Psychiatric Evaluation and for Psychiatric Treatment and Psychological Counseling.
  • God Wants Our Young Adults To Understand That They Answer To Him When It Comes to Justifying Sexual Activity.
  • There Is Absolutely No Justification For Male of Female Minors That Are Under The Age of 21 to Be Sexually Active.
  • Our Young Adults Must Understand That Sexual Activity Between a Man and a Woman Is a Process That Works With God To Create and To Give Birth To a New Human Life.
  • Young Adults Do Not Necessarily Have the Capacity to Undertake the Responsibilities of Achieving Parenthood.
  • God Does Not Appreciate Young Adults That Frustrate His Efforts To Create a New Human Life Inside of as Woman's Body By Abusing Birth Control.
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