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  • We are all one Human Family that answers to One True God
  • We must recognize that we must help each other as if we are brothers and sisters
  • Violence and the intent to inflict harm against ourselves and against others is incompatible with Humanity’s Existence.
  • All human beings answer to God whether or not the recognize a need to engage in a relationship with God.
  • God does not create and develop us to face a lifetime of incarceration.
  • We must recognize the importance of being able to communicate with God
  • Communicating with God is part of what it means to be human.
  • We must understand that God, Our Supreme Being, created us and will maintain our existence in His universe for the rest of eternity.
  • We must detect how God feels when we have thoughts about carrying out threats against our brothers and sisters both in this community and throughout the world.
  • We must understand that a woman’s body is “God’s Factory of Human Life.”  God creates all human life inside of a woman’s body.
  • God wants kids to pray to Him.  God wants parents and educators to teach kids exactly how to communicate with Him.
  • God provides us with everything that we need to sustain our existence through His activities in nature. 
  • He provides foods, fluids, and other types of materials to help us to exist in His Universe.
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Our Education Page!! Our Relationships Page!!
  • We should judge others by the content of their character and not solely on the school that they graduate from.
  • God works with educators to develop students to be constructive partners with God and with Humanity.
  • All our schools answer to God.
  • We must strive to make sure that every student achieves his or her full potential in academic accomplishment.
  • Family planning counseling is a very important part of developing young adults who need to consider what their sexual orientation will be.
  • Education is about finding God in our lives and learning to love all of our brothers and sisters in our lives and all over the world.
  • Education is about learning how to help our brothers and sisters all over the world.
  • We must manage many different types of relationships in our lives.
  • God expects us to achieve parenthood if we have strong relationships with Him.
  • God is honored when He presents a new Human Life to His parents.
  • God creates a human life in “His Factory of Human Life” when a man and a woman show loving intimacy with each other that develops the energy to create a pregnancy.
  • Parents and educators must understand that God works in the background to help all of the children and students to learn throughout their time in schools.
  • God is a matchmaker that likes to introduce a prospective man and a woman that would be capable of having a marital relationship in the future.
  • God works with parents and educators to help students to understand proper behaviors.
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Our Salvation Page!! Our Sciences Page!!
  • God did not create us to suffer forever.
  • We must prove that we deserve for our pain and suffering to end before we can try to convince God to help us to achieve peace and tranquility.
  • A requirement of achieving salvation is for all of us to collectively to stop making God suffer as He continues to attempt to create and maintain the existence of human life.
  • Part of salvation is when we prove to God that we deserve it by permanently rejecting substance abuse with illegal drugs in our lives.
  • Salvation is about a universal effort to stop wanting to inflict violence upon our brothers and sisters.
  • Salvation means that we can be mature enough to go to God for help and to fulfill the Will of God in our lives.
  • All of our brothers and sisters of Humanity will eventually find God through their involvement in scientific investigations.
  • God wants scientists to increase our level of functioning.
  • God and the Holy Spirit work to train scientists and engineers to create inventions that will contribute to the betterment of Humanity.
  • Scientists and engineers must work with God in order to accomplish their goals.
  • The Holy Spirit works to develop proposals for inventions of new chemicals and mechanisms with the use of materials that come from nature.
  • Scientists will work with God and the Holy Spirit to help us to achieve eternal life and a final peace between all of our brothers and sisters.
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Our Future Page!! Our God's Love Page!!
  • It would be nice if we could develop a reusable spaceship that would provide humane living conditions for its occupants.
  • We should think of reducing the cost of energy by developing and creating a Clean Energy Generator.
  • There will come a time when we will no longer look for reasons to hate each other.
  • Our spaceships of the future will allow us to explore the solar system.
  • All of our brothers and sisters from all over the world should be eligible to participate in our Space Exploration Program.
  • There will come a time when we will stop dying.  God will keep us alive for an eternity. 
  • We will finally find God through scientific Investigations and scientific research.
  • God created us to live in His creation because He loves each and every one of us.
  • God creates babies out of the love that a man and a woman have for each other during loving intimacy that produces a pregnancy.
  • God shows love for babies and toddlers through the love that they receive from parents, siblings, and daycare workers.
  • God works to develop a baby into a toddler and a toddler into a child.
  • God communicates with babies to help their parents to teach them how to talk.
  • God is hurt when a young adult forfeits his or her opportunity to pursue parenthood in his or her life.
  • Everything that is good for us comes from the love that God has for us.
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Our Young Adult Page Our Articles Page!!
  • We must do everything that we can to help our young adults to understand family planning issues.
  • We must help young adults to understand how to choose their sexual orientation.
  • We must help our young adults to discover their God-Given Destiny.
  • All young adults should come to understand the power of prayer when God tries to help us to solve life-threatening problems.
  • Our young adults need to understand the benefits of achieving parenthood.
  • Our young adults need to know how to find God through prayer and through scientific investigations of how God maintains life in the universe.
  • Our young adults must understand the consequences of engaging in under-aged sexual activity.
  • Our articles have content that have never before been published.
  • We try to present our theories about Humanity in a say that is respectful to God and to all the visitors of our website.
  • We hope that our visitors will have gained good things after reading our articles and web pages.
  • We have to recognize the role of God in the production of our website. 
  • We thank Him for His assistance even though we cannot prove that He had anything to do with it.
  • Our articles talk about Humanity’s conflicts between our brothers and sisters.
  • Our articles talk about our life-threatening conflicts with God.
  • We hope that our visitors will have more of an appreciation for what God does for all of us.
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We wanted to talk about the dangers of peer conflict between children and young adults in our novel.  Peer conflict can injure a child and/or a young adult.  A child and/or a young adult could face damage to his or her relationships with God, family members, and peers.  Peer group conflict is one of the leading causes of the development of psychiatric disorders in kids and young adults.  It is so important to save a child’s life and/or a young adult’s life by helping him or her to receive psychiatric care and psychological counseling so that they will have the maximum probability to live a normal life.  Our schools cannot tolerate destructive peer conflict between students.  All of our students will come to understand that eventually.
We must be liberal in the way that we think about whether we can develop a new and reusable spaceship that works.  It would be powered by electromagnetic forces and a Clean Energy Generator.  The Clean Energy Generator would produce an infinite amount of power.  This spaceship would travel at unthinkable velocities.  It would be able to defy gravity.  It would eventually give us the power to explore the Solar System.  We must pray to God that He will give us the authorization to work on creating a Clean Energy Generator and a new spaceship.  We will see what will happen in the future.  A dream that is in doubt sometimes emerges as our creates accomplishment.
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  • Destructive peer conflict in our schools is completely unacceptable.
  • Peer pressure that encourages students to use illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and/or firearms will not be tolerated.
  • Peer pressure that sustains a campaign of abuse and taunting against other students is completely unacceptable.
  •  Those that are capable of terrorizing students with negative peer pressure should be forced into psychiatric treatment.
  • Destructive peer pressure that taunts a student’s academic status and the student’s religious beliefs should be met with strict discipline.
  • We should make sure that our schools maintain student that exist with a brotherhood and sisterhood of students that only engage in positive peer pressure.
  • All schools should have courses about how students should deal with peer pressure.
  • Can we find a space exploration mechanism that is both reliable and reusable that can replace rocket-propelled capsules?
  • Why can we not try to experiment with a spaceship that manipulate electromagnetic forces to fly to and from outer space?
  • Could we build a power supply that would be a reliable source of power that would not put our astronauts at risk during space missions?
  • Could we develop a Clean Energy Generator that can provide our astronauts with enough power to reach distant planets and then to return back to Earth safely?
  • Every good invention starts as a good dream.  We cannot just think that this dream is impossible. 
  • We deserve the right to explore our Solar System.  It is very possible that God and the Holy Spirit want to give us this ability.
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